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When you’re sick, you have to give yourself time to rest. You don’t get sick because you’re perfectly fine and healthy and at your best to do all the office work that needs to be done. There will always be sick days. But if your sick days are spent at the office and spreading the virus/sickness around well there’s something wrong with this picture.

I’ve been in the BPO industry for 6 years and worked at different companies but it’s always the same. Anyone from the management, particularly your immediate supervisor, will always ask you to come to work, or take a half day, even if you are genuinely sick.They will compare you to other people or themselves who are sick with fever, flu, diarrhea etc., but are still at work (because they took medication) and make you feel guilty for resting when you need it.

As a seasoned agent, on many occasions during the above period, when I got sick with – flu, fever, coughs and colds, hoarseness, you name it – I still went to work. Not because I’m a workaholic or didn’t give a crap about my and anyone else’s health but because you as an agent are expected to be there even if you’re sick. Of course it is always your choice to come in sick though. You can choose to stay at home and rest all day (or several days) then get a medical certificate once you’re back but see, generally, you’ll still look like a liar and a slacker to the management and other colleagues when you do that.

Such is the life of a call center agent. And people wonder why an outbreak of flu or cough and colds etc., happens all the time in any call center, with more people calling in sick and thus increasing the absenteeism rate further. I can add some more examples but hey I won’t bother now. I’ll just say this instead: BPO life can be harsh to sick people.

Today though, none of that matters to me. I am at home and my next job doesn’t start in a week or two so I can sleep and lounge and be sick at home as much as I want. Thank God eh? Even though I want to work on my temporary tattoo ideas I will not force myself to do so. Rest is rest. Health is wealth. Goodbye to working even when I’m sick. Hahaha~ Itaga mo sa bato.

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