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Three years ago today, I shared the YouTube video above in my Facebook account. It was a time I was getting better at saving but unfortunately a family emergency happened which depleted my savings. Saklap d b? Ipon ka ng ipon wala rin naman nangyari. Nag-try ako mag-time deposit dati pero maliit n amt halos wala ring kinita, nakatali lang pera sa bank. So shempre when the emergency came it eventually got zeroed out because I didn’t know any better.

During my 20s, I did not know how to gamble (nor did I want to, and I still don’t!), I did a few business risks and I certainly hated MLMs/networking because of how bad they are, duping people into their pyramid-like scheme just to earn thousands or supposed millions. No offense but back then, these networkers fool a lot of people into attending the recruitment seminar, then “convincing” them to spend more money instead of saving it to make more money. It still happens nowadays (remember online paluwagan?) so you can’t blame me for hating on bad networkers.

Anyway, in the video, Chinkee Tan says: “If you don’t save for your future, chances are you will not pay now, you will pay later.

…If you keep spending money you will be in debt.” And that’s true. Having no savings will always keep you in debt. Also, pag lagi mong iniisip na wala kang pera tingin mo magkakapera ka? So what do we do about this problem then? Chinkee advises we have to change our money mindset, reverse it by changing the way we think. And we change it by deciding to change our bad habits.

He adds, “You can save if you choose to save.” In short, gaya nga ng sabi nila: Pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw maraming pwedeng dahilan.

Of course I am not perfect too. I also need to break and change a lot of bad habits. Habits formed while growing up no longer serve me now that I’m a grown up and it seems like it’s making my life harder than it should.

It takes a lot of effort to be a better person when you know that you have a lot of detrimental habits you need to get rid of. Some habits are not even ours to begin with. We all have habits we got from our mom/dad, siblings, cousins, friends etc. It’s up to us to consciously keep doing the good ones and replace the bad ones with the good ones once we realize it’s not helping improve our lives at all.

If we don’t make money we won’t be able to save. In the first place, why do we work? To make money. When we make money where does it go? Do we spend everything? What do we do with our money? “Where did my money go???”

How do we make money without a job? We either still find someone to hire us or we create our own jobs. If we make our own money or if we have a job will we be able to save? Yes we should be able to. But what usually happens if we earn a lot of money and we don’t know how to save? We’d still always be in debt, we’d still be working until we’re old and can’t work anymore. Worst case scenario: we’d still be working until we die if we’re without any savings in our old age and then our surviving family members will need to pay for our hospital bills and burial costs.

Imagine how much the above bills  would be 30, 40, 50+ years from now? P500,000 to P1 million or more? Where will they get that kind of money? Or how will they survive if they are just like you who does not save any money? Would anybody want that scenario in their future?

Heck, now do you see the value of having insurance as a way to save, invest and earn yet? Why not let your money work for you too?

If you have the right and tailor-fit insurance plan, your family will be assured money to spend even if you or any family member with insurance dies. Your deaths will never be a burden to the people you leave behind. If you get disabled and can’t work at all in the future, you will also not be a burden to your family if you have chosen the right insurance. If you get really sick (like have cancer) it will not be too hard for you financially as well. No one knows when we will die or get into an accident right?

While alive, if you have an insurance plan, with mostly investments like stocks, mutual fund, real estate etc, it will let you save AND earn money securely by just putting enough money into the specified plan you signed up for either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly or in one lump sum amount. With this, you will definitely be able to save for your future expenses like when you retire and not worry about working after retirement. Even before retirement you can earn enough money to maybe buy a car or a condo depending on the money you invest and save over the years.

Am I painting a pretty picture now? Do you want to know how to start saving and investing? Well you can always Google it, but we all know self-studying takes a lot of time and discipline, some of which we don’t always have. What else can you do then? Contact an expert or someone with the knowledge and means to help you be financially secure in the future. Look for an accredited financial advisor like me. I am now working with Manulife, an established and stable insurance company that’s been around for more than 100 years. I’ve certainly learned a lot from the trainings and have taken the licensing exams and am still continuously learning everyday.

As a financial advisor, it is our job to assess your finances and help you save, manage and grow your money. You won’t need to do it all on your own because we also have fund managers who will assist you. So if you’re curious and want to finally have a financially better and secure future for yourself and your family then simply contact me today. Let’s meet and talk about it.

0932 1800 937 / 0917 768 8444
Lucia C. of Manulife
A Financial Advisor

Today, let’s stop self sabotage. Let’s change for the better and learn how to save/invest money in order to survive and have a happy life in our old age. What’s keeping us from having a financially secure future? It’s no one but ourselves. We think we can just save and use money forever but inflation and unexpected emergencies will always catch up to us.

Now is the perfect time to start saving and investing for our future. I can finally help people who also want to change their finances and save for themselves and their loved ones.

Let me know where and when you want to meet and talk about it. I’ll be happy to help you out. We can meet within Metro Manila, preferably Quezon City or Ortigas. If your group or family is outside of Metro Manila, we can arrange several meetings in your area on certain days. A one on one with you and/or your family members or relatives would be the best way to start securing your future finances.

Send me a text or call me today: 0932 1800 937 (Sun, Viber)
Globe: 0917 768 8444

Lucia C. of Manulife
A Financial Advisor

If you know or feel you need financial advise, let’s talk about it. I’m just a phone call (or text message) away. 🙂


Such a weird dream i had. I don’t know if it would be feasible or not.

There are a lot of food that go to waste, especially if not everyone consumes them. A lot of fruit, fish and meat go to waste and just get thrown away because no one buys them. There might be no demand, it’s too expensive or there’s just too much for the number of people purchasing them.

In my dream there was a limit to the number of fish a fisherman could haul in. A limit was set for each person. In that way there would still be enough fish in the ocean for future consumption.

That would ideally be nice I think but who would agree to implement that I wonder? Would the government support such a thing? Only small fishermen would probably be asked to comply to it. Big fishing companies would probably complain about it and oppose it. However if you think about it, not only should it apply to fishing but also to everything else, not only food.

There are a lot of things that go to waste. People are not aware of how much they consume and how slow it takes for these things to be created or even generated. We have been so used to living easy and being able to just get what we want that anything in excess is taken for granted.

I too am guilty of wasting food when it can’t be helped. That is why I get annoyed at the office canteen because they don’t give you a choice of getting half viand of meat or vegetables. I already submitted feedback about it but I don’t know if they would implement it.

Think about it, you get a full meal that you can’t consume fully but being the unwasteful person that you are, you force yourself to eat the excess food because it would be a waste not to eat it even if you don’t have the time to eat all of it or you just don’t have the appetite to eat everything on your plate but you still should eat it anyway because it’s there.

Aside from that, I also have this habit, as with everyone else probably, of not eating all parts of a fish or any piece of meat I don’t like.

The problem is if you eat out, you don’t have a choice on what you get. If you don’t like to eat fat and the piece of meat you got has a large chunk of fat then it of course goes to waste. But if you think about it, there would always be parts of food or things that get thrown away like if it’s not useful or if it’s not edible, but if it is excessive and deliberately done then it is alarming.

Anyway, there is also a saying that would probably explain how we behave: “Mabuti na ang sobra kaysa kulang.” This of course has a grain of truth, but then where does discipline come in? Isn’t there also a saying about doing everything in moderation?

I dunno perhaps I am over thinking about things again but I do think we should learn to stop wasting a lot of things, like water and food, because these things, especially any natural resource, do run out easily and takes time to produce.

Remember that it is always easier to destroy than create. Creating always takes time, the bigger it is the longer it takes, while destroying something can merely take seconds or a few minutes. It takes more than half the time to destroy, consume or use something than it takes to create or produce something. Start thinking about that every time you use or consume something. It would probably not affect anyone adversely anyway, but it’s basically going to make you and the world a bit better in your own little way.

I don’t think it would hurt if you suggest on having anything saved if you see someone wasting something. Example: that faucet leaking in a public toilet, the light in the kitchen when no one is using it or simply your friend who don’t like to eat fat. When it comes to food there are personal preferences so if you know your friend doesn’t like a part of the food you like then that person can eat what they like and you can eat the part they don’t since you like it or vice versa. But of course some people are not used to sharing their food with others so this is a case to case basis. And also we shouldn’t dictate on or control other people. So if you discipline yourself into not being wasteful, as long as you are able to control the situation, eventually if someone else notices they’d probably do the same thing. If they don’t then at least you’re personally doing the world a favor. And that’s a big plus in my book. =)

If you were called to greatness would you answer it? That is the question I’d like to ask of everyone.

I have come to realize that Empaths are here on Earth as healers. Well then as healers, are you ready to heal our fellowmen? Would you be willing to sacrifice yourselves, your lives for the good of mankind? You do know that we take nothing with us once we leave this Earth right? All we have left is the love we have shared, compassion we have shown and the passion with which we stood by our ideals.

Helping others doesn’t mean being treated like a doormat and letting others step on us most of the time. We need to develop ourselves through a higher being’s guidance (God/Almighty) and heal the world one step at a time. Heal, love and respect ourselves first and do our best to help others find our way into the light.

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We are the catalysts of change. We are here to guide people into action. We are here to help other people realize that we all have to change for the better. It is not only us who are living in this world. There are other beings, other creatures, other deities. Who are we to say we own the world? There are mysteries in this world that need not be explained. There are things science cannot explain. Thus we are forever fascinated with mythology, of gods and otherworldly creatures because somehow somewhere we know they do exist. Somewhere in our hearts we feel there are truths out there we are not ready to accept. And because of those fears we seclude ourselves and make ourselves believe they are hoaxes they are illusions they are dreams or nightmares. We delude ourselves with the evil, the lies and deceit we’ve been fed. We allow ourselves to think we are greater than the unknown whereas we are only part of this great thing we are still unaware of.

We must protect ourselves from evil and yet we must open ourselves to the truth. The truth as they say is much stranger than fiction, for it is the truth that they brand as delusions.  It is true that there are sicknesses and true delusions caused artificially, caused by diseases, but we all know if something is inherently evil or not. We feel it. In our hearts of hearts, in our spirits or souls, we know if there is evil coming to us or coming out of us. We know if something is wrong but somehow we block those signs and signals by rationalizing and believing/deluding ourselves into thinking there’s nothing wrong even if there is something. As empaths we must be aware of such things as well.

And so as healers I urge you to be the catalysts of change. This i know will not be easy but at least let us do our very best. Let us be the people who make leaders take action and save our planet and our future from destruction and greed. Once we find a leader let us support them. Let us lend them our strengths and guidance whenever we can. You will know a leader when you see or hear one. They are among us, hidden, in disguise, or perhaps misguided or unknown. It will be hard work but that is also what we’re here for. Let us not manipulate and deceive people for our own sake or for a few people’s sake just because we know we can. We all have our own way of doing things so whatever works for you, use it.

Make someone great. Let them answer the call to greatness to make our world a better place. Let us not make them our personal tool for we are but instruments of a higher being (or the Almighty) into helping mankind become the best there is – at least to transform as many people as possible before it is too late. Only those who are open to the truth will be willing to change for the better. Let us help one another to ascend. One must not force it on anyone though. If we do that we get branded as cuckoo. We all have free will but it doesn’t mean we should manipulate and force people into something they do not want to or are unaware of or are afraid of.

We are all here to help ourselves and our planet. Let us do our best then for humanity. Let us be the light in the dark. Let us guide those who need guidance. Let us help them see the light. Let us move forward into all that is good.



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I have realized a lot of what’s been happening in my life is because of other people. As a kid growing up, you don’t have much choice because you don’t know anything. You don’t have access to a lot of information and knowledgeable people. And who is to say who is knowledgeable or not as well?

Nowadays information dissemination is easier because of technology and the internet. People are much “smarter” now or more intellectual in a sense that they won’t believe everything you say unless you have proof or scientific evidence. And that in itself creates a whole lot of problems on it’s own. What about the cultural ways and beliefs? Most of them are not just based on hearsay but on experience. You don’t disregard such stuff just because there’s no scientific evidence. You don’t say there are no supernatural entities or beings just because we can’t see them. Although supernatural stuff have already been experimented on so i guess people have basis or some kind of proof in that regard.

Anyway what i’m trying to say is that whatever i have in my life right now are not because of what i wanted but because at the time these were the solutions being offered to people. I am referring to “silver” amalgam fillings. Nobody ever said it was bad at all. It was actually “helpful” because it patched up the teeth after removal of cavities. Nobody did say you shouldn’t take care of your teeth as well. As a kid your parents tell you to brush your teeth so you won’t get cavities. But is proper brushing taught? Who would think there’s a proper way of brushing your teeth at all unless you know a dentist personally or you have a relative or family friend who’s a dentist? But even then sometimes these topics are not really talked about.

Further research online will tell you that amalgam fillings will give you a lot of different diseases/illnesses. There are of course people contesting this fact. But even the American Dental Association i believe stopped promoting the use of amalgam fillings. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Generally speaking, those born in the 90’s or much recently are indeed luckier because now we have more information on whatever topic we are interested in. I guess it is much safer to live in this world in this cyber age than it was before. But it is also much more toxic than before. Whatever information we gather and learn are controlled information as well. Some people withhold the entire fact of the matter to avoid mass panic and such. But we would learn about it eventually. Someone somewhere would divulge the information that’s being kept from the public. Someone somewhere would discover something about certain things that we aren’t aware of. And those people would either be (1) brave enough to let a lot of people know about it ASAP or (2) just keep it to themselves and inform a few people they trust which of course could turn viral as well but a lot of misinformation can come from the latter unless someone then takes a hold of the issue for further investigation and study.

This may sound like a serious matter indeed. But as i was saying earlier, as a kid you don’t have much choice at all. You can only gain access to what is being given to you and what you see and hear and feel. But if you are not an inquisitive child and if you don’t have encouraging parents or if you have busy parents who are trying to make ends meet and make the world a better place you don’t really learn much from them but you go by learning from experience. One must ask a lot of questions to learn the answers, but then some answers are better learned when experienced as well.

Young couples i believe don’t know much about being parents. They just go with the flow and do what other people are doing. Or they ask their parents on how it should be done or their own parents are there to take their responsibilities for the young couples’ children. Some people are not ready to be parents yet they get into such circumstances because of our human needs.

There is much debate now about contraceptive methods and the religious point of view. Personally i do think sex education should be responsibly done. You don’t educate kids about sex just so they can freely enjoy doing it when they grow up without them being responsible for it. Where is the spiritual and moral obligation in that? Sex is not bad but it is misunderstood and misused. Contraceptive methods are there for safety, it’s like being on the defensive to prevent anything bad from happening. But that doesn’t mean just because it is accessible you can do anything you want. If you do that, it’s just like going out and getting soaked in the rain all the time and not caring because actually there are fever, cold and cough and other types of medicine (e.g. antibiotics) out there to make you better anyway.

The problem is, since most parents are always busy scrounging up for a living, they don’t have enough time to educate their children properly. That’s why they send kids to school right? But that’s not always the case. The child first learns at home and then outside it. Whatever is at home will be brought outside and whatever is learned outside is also brought inside (at home). So if there are more stuff learned outside than inside then what do you think that would mean? How would that affect everyone in the family? Don’t you think that is the source of a lot of problems and conflicts if your core (home/family) is not solid? This is where you’ll see the advantages of belonging to a family with good values, proper education and money as well. More money can mean more time with the family because responsibilities can be disseminated to other people. However more money can also lead to a lot of idleness and irresponsibility.

I do believe time and money is essential for a better life. Good morals and values are also essential but in this day and age it is hard to do and come by. Most people want instant gratification. I believe that is also one source of all evil. Moral people are usually scorned by peers and ridiculed by others. That is why i salute those brave souls who go against the grain of society to show us and prove us wrong.

Well i could go on and on but it won’t help anyone if each does not understand what i’m trying to say. It’s just that i find it hard to live because of what was done before. Earning money is not that easy for some people. But there is indeed a saying that anything is possible if you just believe it. And also “Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto maraming pwedeng paraan“. But if you follow that saying, wouldn’t it mean forcing other people into something just to get what you want? What if it’s not meant for you and you force it to happen? Do you think that would be good? Persistence is indeed the key but what if it would not be good for everyone but yourself? As a person, you have to think of other people as well and not only of yourself. Balancing this is not always easy for  everyone

Maybe i should just take up sociology, physiology and anthropology then eh? Why? Because human behavior is really tricky. Humans are simple and yet so complex. We are not the product of our thoughts alone but also of our bodies. If your body is not healthy and lacking in nutrients you get all these diseases and illnesses – physical, emotional or mental. Our bodily conditions affect how we think and feel and act. It’s just not the mind or the spirit that makes us human. Even our interactions with other people get affected if we are not sound in mind, body and spirit.

You might think it’s just so serious thinking about such stuff and that i shouldn’t bother with such but if this is how we all think then we won’t move forward and grow at all. Having fun all the time has it’s benefits but in the long run i don’t think it’s more beneficial or productive for everyone. Humor is indeed important in balancing us as human beings. Ah, so you see how complex we human beings are? We are simple yet we complicate things.

Okay i think this is enough for now. So i’m going to end it here.

On a lighter note, i just realized or learned the purpose of capitalizing the first letter of each sentence. ^_^ That’s so you won’t get confused when reading. It’s easier to read sentences when the first letter is capitalized. It separates each thought sentences and makes it easier, as i said earlier, to read and also to comprehend. Nobody ever said the reason why we needed to capitalize the first letter of each sentence. You might say it’s common sense but hey that’s not always the case. You need to experience stuff to learn but you also have to be careful when doing anything.

I guess life is just a series of experiments.

Unang-una nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos at hindi naapektuhan ng malala ang mga miyembro ng aming pamilya. Mabuti na lang at safe kami halos. Salamat din at hindi lahat ay naapektuhan ng matinding baha. Kaya sa ating mga hindi nasalanta ng bagyong Ondoy, kung ano ang maitutulong natin ay gawin na. Mag-donate ng mga damit o pagkain sa pinakamalapit na pwedeng pagdalhan ng tulong.

Pangalawa, huwag kayong magkalat! Gamitin ang basurahan! Nakakalungkot isipin na kailangan pang umabot sa ganito bago tayo matauhan sa mga maling gawain natin. Anong kamalian ‘yon ‘kaniyo? Yung simpleng pagkakalat sa kalsada, pagtatapon ng  balot ng kendi at kung anu-ano pang kalat na maaari namang itapon sa basurahan. Kung nasa jip ka at may basurahan, ipaabot sa mga katabi para maitapon ng maayos. Kung nahihiya kang ipaabot, hawakan o itago muna sa bag at sa pagbaba ng jip ay itapon sa pinaka-unang basurahan na makita.

Sa mga taong matagal-tagal na ring hindi na nagtatapon ng kalat sa kalsada atbp ay ipagpatuloy natin ito. At kung hindi pa rin tayo marunong maghiwalay ng basura sa nabubulok at hindi nabubulok ay dapat na nating simulan. Sanayan lang daw yan eh.

Nagtext-text ako kagabi tungkol sa pagdumi ng ating katubigan dahil sa mga walang pakialam na mga tao. Na hinintay pa nating umabot sa ganitong sitwasyon bago natin maisip na mali ang mga ginagawa. Sa malas hindi ko napansin naubos na pala ang load ko kaya hindi ko naikalat sa lahat. Hopefully yung mga napadalhan ko ay ipinasa din nila sa iba kahit papa’no. Marahil ang iba ay hindi pa rin alam kung bakit madumi ang tubig baha at bakit nga ba mabagal bumaba ang tubig baha. Dahil yun sa walang pakundangan na pagkakalat niyo. (Pwede ring dahil sa may tatlong bagyo na rin ang dumaan bago dumating si Ondoy kaya hindi na kayang sipsipin ng lupa ang lahat ng tubig na ibinuhos ni Ondoy.)

Oo madaling magturo ng daliri kung sino ang mga taong nagtatapon ng basura sa kalsada at dumudura na lang kung saan-saan dahil madami kayo. Sinasabi kong kayo, dahil ako, hindi ko na maalala yung huling beses na nagtapon ako sa kalsada o nagkalat kung saan man. Ibig sabihin matagal na bago ko ginawa iyon. Ibig sabihin tinititigan ko yung mga taong nagkakalat sa kalsada pag nakakita ako.  Lalo na kung katapat ko sa loob ng jip? Aba talagang tinititigan ko sa mata pagkatapos niyang magtapon nun. Hindi ako war-freak para mang-away kaya tinitingnan ko na lang mata sa mata bilang pagtitimpi sa maaring masabi ko.

Pangatlo, salamat sa media dahil kung hindi sa kanila ay di natin malalaman ang mga nangyayari sa kapaligiran. Kahapon, kagabi at kaninang umaga ay nakinig ako ng balita sa radyo dahil yun lang naman ang meron ako at ayaw ko maki-usyoso sa TV ng may TV.

Doon ko nalaman ang malalang kalagayan ng iba nating kababayan sa Cainta, Antipolo at Marikina. 100% daw na nalubog sa tubig ang Cainta at Antipolo kung ‘di ako nagkakamali. Bakit? Kase may mga umapaw na ilog/creek. Pero ang masama nun hindi malinis ang tubig baha.

Mabalik na naman ako dun sa ugali ng karamihan sa atin na “kalat dito kalat doon”. Akala niyo walang masamang dulot yun pero meron! Maano bang hawakan muna at itago ang basura kapag walang basurahan? Matuto naman kayong disiplinahin ang sarili niyo, pati mga anak, pamangkin, kapatid at iba pang kasambahay para hindi tayo inaabot ng malalang perhuwisyo. Kaya tigilan na ang katigasan ng ulo at gamitin ang mga basurahan at huwag ang kalsada o bangketa at iba pa. Wag magkalat!

Yun lang naman eh. Ganun lang sana kasimple pero pinapahirapan pa.

Pang-apat, mas mahalaga ang buhay ng tao kaysa mga bagay. Alam naman nating mahirap iwanan ang mga kagamitan lalo na kung yun lang ang meron tayo. Pero kung yung buhay niyo at buhay ng iba ang ilalagay niyo sa kapahamakan dahil matigas ang ulo niyo aba sana matauhan na kayo. Ang tinutukoy ko ay yung mga bumalik pa para balikan ang mga gamit sa mga binahang bahay. Narinig ko na yung mga bumalik ay hindi na nakaalis dahil sa tumaas bigla ang tubig baha. So napahamak pa kayo at nabasa at gininaw imbes na safe kayo somewhere kahit wala kayong nakuhang gamit.

Nakita ko kanina nang nakasakay ako ng jeep na nakatigil sa gasolinahan, isang pamilya ang bumaba galing sa humintong fx. Unang bumaba ang isang lalaki, na kataka-takang nakayapak! Nasa edad bente pataas siguro siya at may dalang backpack. Pagkababa ay inalalayan niya ang batang lalaki, marahil anak niya, na mukhang nasa edad na pito o walo. Sumunod na bumaba ang medyo nanginginig ang mga binti na asawa niyang may dalang sanggol. Nakayapak silang lahat. Ibig sabihin galing marahil sila sa mga nailigtas o mga taong lumikas dahil sa baha. Pagkababa nila sa fx ay hindi nila ininda ang pagtawid sa kabilang kalsada at paglakad ng nakayapak lamang dahil kahit papa’no ay buhay sila. Mararamdaman mo sa kanila na higit sa lahat,  iyon ang mahalaga, na nabuhay sila at ligtas sa kung anumang nangyari kahapon.

Sa oras ng kagipitan, hindi naman mahalaga kung ga’no kadaming gamit ang meron ka. Kung ano ang kaya o mahalagang dalhin ayos na iyon. Ang mahalaga ay yung buhay ang mga tao dahil magkakaroon pa rin ng tsansang magkaroon ng mga kagamitan o kasangkapang nawala sa hinaharap.

Pang-lima, huwag nating kalimutan ang Diyos. Marahil dapat ding magsilbing paalala ito na hindi lang sa oras ng sakuna o kagipitan tayo dapat tumawag sa ating Panginoon. Matuto din tayong magsimba kahit papa’no upang magbigay pugay sa kanya at magpasalamat sa mga biyayang natanggap at tatanggapin pa natin.

At panghuli, nawa’y pag-isipan nating mabuti at pagnilayan kung ano’ng dapat matutunan sa nangyaring ito. Huwag nating isisi sa gobyerno ang lahat. Maraming tao ang nasalanta kaya hindi agad nailigtas ang iba. May mga matigas din ang ulo kaya kinailangan pang iligtas. Sa mga ganitong pagkakataon kailangan lagi tayong alerto habang wala pang dumarating na saklolo. Kung kaya nating tumulong ay tulungan lahat ng pwedeng tulungan.

Ang ganitong uri ng sakuna ay hindi pagkakataon para kumita ng pera kaya kung anong maitutulong ninyo ay sana bukas-palad at buong puso niyong ibigay sa mga nangangailangan.

Sa mga hindi pa nakaka-alam kung paano mag-donate narito ang ilang link na pwede niyong pagkunan ng impormasyon.

>> Places to donate relief goods. <<

>> Where/How to donate <<

>> Emergency/Disaster hotlines <<

Sana may matutunan tayong lahat sa pangyayaring ito.

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