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Indeed, the so-called muse is real. Usually a muse is depicted as female, but apparently they can also be male.

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a muse “is a source of inspiration; especially :  a guiding genius.”
In Greek mythology, “it is any of the nine sister goddesses presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences.”

And I have met a male muse. I have never thought it possible to have someone inspire you consciously (or more likely, unconsciously!!!) just by being around them or just even thinking about them! It kind of makes me crazy until I let it out through some form of art or literature! Good God. Who knew someone could actually be the personification of inspiration?

Inspiration, or whatever else it is, through him is like an irritant if it isn’t let out. It burns in my head then at worst it goes down to my heart. Wow. The only way to keep one’s sanity is to let it out through any form of art or literature, like literally. (Yeah and I had to repeat that statement, lol.)

I have never questioned my sanity until now. And that burning curiosity as to why it happens prompted  me to search for answers on the internet because it just made no sense. How can someone affect your sanity so much? This does not seem to be love. It might be infatuation, but seriously/honestly, no one else has this effect on me, so why?

My search brought me to a particular blog that gave me the answer. It then brought me to an inspiring Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. She says there are those that claim inspiration comes from other beings. I guess that is true. It used to happen when inspiration strikes, I have to write it down or draw/sketch/doodle it out immediately or all will be lost no matter how hard I try. If I was too late, it would be like trying to catch a dream already fading away. That sucks when it happens. If you have a muse though everything is different.

Having a muse just lets your creativity out with no cap on it unless you move away. Simply moving or staying away from the person can keep you from being overwhelmed. Just thinking about them can still actually inspire you unconsciously! What is that, right?!

So the question now is how to control it when it happens. Okay control is kind of a negative word, so maybe moderate it. And now that I’ve realized this I guess it’s not a bad thing hanging out with your muse, unless you let yourself go insane from sticking around them too much. Craving for inspiration like it’s a drug though is something else.

Anyway, I wonder if you tell your muse about it, would that dispel the magic? Or would it not?

On a side note, maybe this is just searching for meaning or pragmatics, which is part of semiotics, my word of the day. 🙂


Because I need to always be reminded.

Our world is full of distracting things that we tend to forget the important things. Pain makes us fear love in any form. It makes us cold. It makes us dead inside. And then when you’re dead inside you’d start to wonder if you’re ever really human at all or just something else that got trapped inside this body. You long to be free of it but you chose to come here. You chose to be born. (Well at least that’s what the others say.)

It’s pretty interesting how relationships, especially anything romantic, can make you look at life through a different perspective. Always. And when you do realize the lessons you needed to learn make sure to not forget it. Move forward and expand. Improve yourself, be a better person than you were yesterday so you can help make the world a better place for each and everyone. 🙂

Peace be to all.

It fails.

What else do you think happens when you’re not ready to be in a relationship but you think you should or have to be in one already?

However much you’d want it to be a success it will fail, and fast. Why? Because you will have issues with being in a relationship. You will feel restricted. You will feel forced into something you don’t really want even though some part of you wants to be in a relationship. However great that person is, it will still fail.

You will hurt that person and that person will hurt you. It may be unintentional or intentional, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re not ready it will fail.

So how will you know when you’re ready?

It’s when you’ve fixed all there is to fix in your life, when you’ve done all the “cleaning” and introspection you need and when you finally know who you are and what you are. When you’ve faced everything you don’t want to face and accepted them as truth, only then will you be able to be ready.

Sadly, for some, it never happens.

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I have realized a lot of what’s been happening in my life is because of other people. As a kid growing up, you don’t have much choice because you don’t know anything. You don’t have access to a lot of information and knowledgeable people. And who is to say who is knowledgeable or not as well?

Nowadays information dissemination is easier because of technology and the internet. People are much “smarter” now or more intellectual in a sense that they won’t believe everything you say unless you have proof or scientific evidence. And that in itself creates a whole lot of problems on it’s own. What about the cultural ways and beliefs? Most of them are not just based on hearsay but on experience. You don’t disregard such stuff just because there’s no scientific evidence. You don’t say there are no supernatural entities or beings just because we can’t see them. Although supernatural stuff have already been experimented on so i guess people have basis or some kind of proof in that regard.

Anyway what i’m trying to say is that whatever i have in my life right now are not because of what i wanted but because at the time these were the solutions being offered to people. I am referring to “silver” amalgam fillings. Nobody ever said it was bad at all. It was actually “helpful” because it patched up the teeth after removal of cavities. Nobody did say you shouldn’t take care of your teeth as well. As a kid your parents tell you to brush your teeth so you won’t get cavities. But is proper brushing taught? Who would think there’s a proper way of brushing your teeth at all unless you know a dentist personally or you have a relative or family friend who’s a dentist? But even then sometimes these topics are not really talked about.

Further research online will tell you that amalgam fillings will give you a lot of different diseases/illnesses. There are of course people contesting this fact. But even the American Dental Association i believe stopped promoting the use of amalgam fillings. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Generally speaking, those born in the 90’s or much recently are indeed luckier because now we have more information on whatever topic we are interested in. I guess it is much safer to live in this world in this cyber age than it was before. But it is also much more toxic than before. Whatever information we gather and learn are controlled information as well. Some people withhold the entire fact of the matter to avoid mass panic and such. But we would learn about it eventually. Someone somewhere would divulge the information that’s being kept from the public. Someone somewhere would discover something about certain things that we aren’t aware of. And those people would either be (1) brave enough to let a lot of people know about it ASAP or (2) just keep it to themselves and inform a few people they trust which of course could turn viral as well but a lot of misinformation can come from the latter unless someone then takes a hold of the issue for further investigation and study.

This may sound like a serious matter indeed. But as i was saying earlier, as a kid you don’t have much choice at all. You can only gain access to what is being given to you and what you see and hear and feel. But if you are not an inquisitive child and if you don’t have encouraging parents or if you have busy parents who are trying to make ends meet and make the world a better place you don’t really learn much from them but you go by learning from experience. One must ask a lot of questions to learn the answers, but then some answers are better learned when experienced as well.

Young couples i believe don’t know much about being parents. They just go with the flow and do what other people are doing. Or they ask their parents on how it should be done or their own parents are there to take their responsibilities for the young couples’ children. Some people are not ready to be parents yet they get into such circumstances because of our human needs.

There is much debate now about contraceptive methods and the religious point of view. Personally i do think sex education should be responsibly done. You don’t educate kids about sex just so they can freely enjoy doing it when they grow up without them being responsible for it. Where is the spiritual and moral obligation in that? Sex is not bad but it is misunderstood and misused. Contraceptive methods are there for safety, it’s like being on the defensive to prevent anything bad from happening. But that doesn’t mean just because it is accessible you can do anything you want. If you do that, it’s just like going out and getting soaked in the rain all the time and not caring because actually there are fever, cold and cough and other types of medicine (e.g. antibiotics) out there to make you better anyway.

The problem is, since most parents are always busy scrounging up for a living, they don’t have enough time to educate their children properly. That’s why they send kids to school right? But that’s not always the case. The child first learns at home and then outside it. Whatever is at home will be brought outside and whatever is learned outside is also brought inside (at home). So if there are more stuff learned outside than inside then what do you think that would mean? How would that affect everyone in the family? Don’t you think that is the source of a lot of problems and conflicts if your core (home/family) is not solid? This is where you’ll see the advantages of belonging to a family with good values, proper education and money as well. More money can mean more time with the family because responsibilities can be disseminated to other people. However more money can also lead to a lot of idleness and irresponsibility.

I do believe time and money is essential for a better life. Good morals and values are also essential but in this day and age it is hard to do and come by. Most people want instant gratification. I believe that is also one source of all evil. Moral people are usually scorned by peers and ridiculed by others. That is why i salute those brave souls who go against the grain of society to show us and prove us wrong.

Well i could go on and on but it won’t help anyone if each does not understand what i’m trying to say. It’s just that i find it hard to live because of what was done before. Earning money is not that easy for some people. But there is indeed a saying that anything is possible if you just believe it. And also “Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto maraming pwedeng paraan“. But if you follow that saying, wouldn’t it mean forcing other people into something just to get what you want? What if it’s not meant for you and you force it to happen? Do you think that would be good? Persistence is indeed the key but what if it would not be good for everyone but yourself? As a person, you have to think of other people as well and not only of yourself. Balancing this is not always easy for  everyone

Maybe i should just take up sociology, physiology and anthropology then eh? Why? Because human behavior is really tricky. Humans are simple and yet so complex. We are not the product of our thoughts alone but also of our bodies. If your body is not healthy and lacking in nutrients you get all these diseases and illnesses – physical, emotional or mental. Our bodily conditions affect how we think and feel and act. It’s just not the mind or the spirit that makes us human. Even our interactions with other people get affected if we are not sound in mind, body and spirit.

You might think it’s just so serious thinking about such stuff and that i shouldn’t bother with such but if this is how we all think then we won’t move forward and grow at all. Having fun all the time has it’s benefits but in the long run i don’t think it’s more beneficial or productive for everyone. Humor is indeed important in balancing us as human beings. Ah, so you see how complex we human beings are? We are simple yet we complicate things.

Okay i think this is enough for now. So i’m going to end it here.

On a lighter note, i just realized or learned the purpose of capitalizing the first letter of each sentence. ^_^ That’s so you won’t get confused when reading. It’s easier to read sentences when the first letter is capitalized. It separates each thought sentences and makes it easier, as i said earlier, to read and also to comprehend. Nobody ever said the reason why we needed to capitalize the first letter of each sentence. You might say it’s common sense but hey that’s not always the case. You need to experience stuff to learn but you also have to be careful when doing anything.

I guess life is just a series of experiments.

Ever wonder who your real friends are? Here’s some tips or guides to know who they are!

Real friends appreciate you for what you are. You feel secure with them, you feel like you can be who you are without having to hide behind any mask or pretend to be someone else. They will tell you if you are being stupid and hurting yourself. They won’t let you fall because of your own mistakes. Real friends are there when you really need them.

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There are some friends who are not really showy but are there when you’re down and will listen to your problems and comfort you and try to solve your problems for you even if sometimes you know you can solve it on your own but can’t think that well at that moment.

If there’s someone who always makes you feel bad about yourself and does not show appreciation of any of your achievements and you call that person a friend, i ask that you think again. If that person does not make you feel good at all every time you see each other then why put up with that person? He/she is not a real friend. You can drop him/her off as a friend and just treat that person as an acquaintance or someone you know, be civil but do not be rude.

Real friends are always happy for you however harsh their tongues may be at times when you deserve to hear such things. For example, if you’re being stupid and refuse to move forward and you know it, they tell you off. They always have your best interests at heart and say things to help you realize things that you’re not able to realize at times.

Of course if you are a real friend you will also be the same things i mentioned above to your own friends.

People who are not able to say anything good to you are not friends. They are just people you know. Because if that person is your friend then he/she won’t treat you that badly. Even if they say they do that because they love you it’s not true. It’s just lip service so they won’t look bad in the eyes of other people.

Fake friends will expect things in return when you do them favors. They won’t really care about what you do and won’t remember what’s important to you. These people will laugh at you instead of laugh with you. You’ll also feel no close bond to them as compared to those who you really consider as real friends. Sometimes people will try and be friends with you but you won’t feel any bond at all with them whatever you do or whatever they do. You can laugh at their jokes and tell them stuff but there is no closeness or sharing of your feelings about stuff that you’re interested in.

Bear in mind that a real friend will always have time for you even if they’re busy, they will make time for you even for just a minute unless it’s really a critical situaion. Do not be selfish with your real friends. Respect, honesty and concern should always be there in real friendships.

Let me just sum it up into two simple equations:

Real Friends = Happiness (even during bad times)

Fake Friends = Pain (which includes Sadness, Insecurity,  and Feelings of Unworthiness or Constraint)

You can also read this  article here:

Yes it’s true, relationships make you more human. From the moment you decide to be in a relationship you experience varying degrees of emotions and thoughts that you don’t usually get. You tend to think too much and feel too much as usual. You tend to be unlike yourself but still quite yourself but sometimes you go overboard without even realizing it.

Relationships are very messy when there’s no communication. And yet it can be not so messy even if you don’t talk about it. It’s a great contradiction.

Confusion arises from not being able to clear things up with someone when you are the type of person who’d rather hear the words more than just feel or see the action of the person you have a romantic connection with. This usually may be the case if you are just beginning to be in a relationship and have never been in one before.

If your “partner” is the type of person who is more action-oriented (actor) than verbally oriented (speaker) then this causes a lot of little heartaches to both parties involved. One does not understand why the other person cannot say what must be said while the other person does not understand why the other one does not show what they need to show in order for them to express their love for each other. In this situation the speaker must be the one to do the talking and the actor must be the one to do the actions.

But the problem arises when the actor does not act on his emotions nor speak his mind and the speaker does not say anythng and shows him the opposite of what she’s feeling.

Therein lies the big dilemma. If no one moves from their spot then it all goes downhill from there.

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