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Today is one of the best Saturdays of the year. Why? Because I finally saw Heneral Luna (FOR FREE!) and unexpectedly saw a certain male celebrity for the 3rd time! What are the odds huh?

Even if my newer smartphone was “dead” in my bag, at least I was able to take decent pics using my old phone!


Cinema ’76

Thanks to Cinema ’76 (in San Juan) for the free screening of Heneral Luna today. Best Philippine holiday event lang for me. haha~ Kahit na i hated seeing the English subs in a Filipino movie (wtf lang tlga mga ganun), pagbigyan na libre naman eh.

76 2

Comfy pillow and sofa seats.

Anyway, the movie did not disappoint. Kudos pa rin sa lahat ng gumawa ng sine na yun. It reinforced my hatred for what Aguinaldo did and fellow Pinoys who sold out our own country.

*Rant starts here*

Nakakagalit talaga yung sarili mong kababayan magbebenta sa sariling bayan para lang madali ang buhay nila. Mas gusto pa paalipin kesa paghirapan ayusin ang sariling buhay at ekonomiya? Ano yun di ba? Mga taong walang tunay na pagmamahal sa sariling bayan!

Yung maiisip mo, sakaling totoo ang takbo ng kwento ng sine, bakit ang tanga at duwag ni Aguinaldo, di pa tinanggap yung resignation ni Luna. Di naman pala niya kayang suportahan ang pinakamagaling niyang Heneral pero gusto niyang siya ang mamuno at lumaban para sa bayan. Mga tanga.

Tapos ngayon isipin mo, may mga tao gusto Federalismo daw. Aba bakit di na lang monarkiya ang gawin sa Pilipinas kung gustong magkaron ng disiplina at pagmamahal sa bayan ang mga tao? Gusto niyong maging regionalistic? Gusto niyong humiwalay sa Pilipinas? Asan ang pagka-Pilipino niyo?  Punyeta nakakagalit lang eh. E yung gusto niyong ibenta kayo sa China ng walang kamalay-malay? Tingnan naten ano mangyari pag gusto niyo ng martial law ulet o ng anak ng diktador.

Ang problema kase yung mga hindi masa at edukado hindi bumoboto (o hindi makakaboto) tapos pagrereklamo at paninisi lang din alam. Ganda di ba?

Jusko iligtas niyo kami sa masama Lord!!! Utang na loob baket ang eleksyon ngayon parang matindi at mainit?!?

*Rant ends here*

In other news, nakita ko na naman si Mr. Epy Quizon di ko alam andun pala sha. Baket di ba? Akala ko si Mr. John Arcilla lang andun e panel pala sila. 3rd time na talaga ‘to.

Does this mean anything? Am I missing something here? 1st unexpected sighting was in 2013 (theater forum), 2nd in 2015 (extra sa TV episode ng Imbestigador) and 3rd is today (free movie screening). O di ba? Sosyal. Hahaha~

There must be some opportunity I am not taking here but I don’t know exactly what it is/was. Earlier, I could have talked to Mr. E.A. Rocha (movie producer) or Epy or even Mr. Leo Martinez after the panel Q&A (after the movie screening). An autograph signing and photo op session happened next kaso umuwi na ako.

Madali lang sila siguro makausap because it’s a small venue and close quarters lang. Why not talk to anyone of them right? Easy peasy yun as in. Kaso after the movie, I didn’t want to have their autograph or get a photo op… (Already have an unglamorous pic w/ Epy haller tenkyuberimats).

I guess I didn’t have something ready to talk to them about? Ni hindi nga ako nagtanong sa Q&A even though I felt like I should have asked something political but my tired and sleepy brain couldn’t come up with a good question. Boom panes lang. Tsaka ano na, yung travel TV show plan ko mangyayari pa ba? (Hahaha ewan ko lang, saya lang ng buhay ko eh. Whatever.)

Galing kase ako sa night shift work then I went to the venue after I ate “breakfast”. All I could do was react to anything that happened in the cinema and nothing else. I actually wanted to go home immediately after the movie but stayed on for the Q&A because nobody was leaving! 😛

Ok lang naman, forum session was fun. Also at least nakita kong the movie really serves its purpose of awakening blind and sleeping Filipinos (if not all). Thank God for the movie talaga.

So how about you? How are you spending your Saturday holiday? 🙂


Such a weird dream i had. I don’t know if it would be feasible or not.

There are a lot of food that go to waste, especially if not everyone consumes them. A lot of fruit, fish and meat go to waste and just get thrown away because no one buys them. There might be no demand, it’s too expensive or there’s just too much for the number of people purchasing them.

In my dream there was a limit to the number of fish a fisherman could haul in. A limit was set for each person. In that way there would still be enough fish in the ocean for future consumption.

That would ideally be nice I think but who would agree to implement that I wonder? Would the government support such a thing? Only small fishermen would probably be asked to comply to it. Big fishing companies would probably complain about it and oppose it. However if you think about it, not only should it apply to fishing but also to everything else, not only food.

There are a lot of things that go to waste. People are not aware of how much they consume and how slow it takes for these things to be created or even generated. We have been so used to living easy and being able to just get what we want that anything in excess is taken for granted.

I too am guilty of wasting food when it can’t be helped. That is why I get annoyed at the office canteen because they don’t give you a choice of getting half viand of meat or vegetables. I already submitted feedback about it but I don’t know if they would implement it.

Think about it, you get a full meal that you can’t consume fully but being the unwasteful person that you are, you force yourself to eat the excess food because it would be a waste not to eat it even if you don’t have the time to eat all of it or you just don’t have the appetite to eat everything on your plate but you still should eat it anyway because it’s there.

Aside from that, I also have this habit, as with everyone else probably, of not eating all parts of a fish or any piece of meat I don’t like.

The problem is if you eat out, you don’t have a choice on what you get. If you don’t like to eat fat and the piece of meat you got has a large chunk of fat then it of course goes to waste. But if you think about it, there would always be parts of food or things that get thrown away like if it’s not useful or if it’s not edible, but if it is excessive and deliberately done then it is alarming.

Anyway, there is also a saying that would probably explain how we behave: “Mabuti na ang sobra kaysa kulang.” This of course has a grain of truth, but then where does discipline come in? Isn’t there also a saying about doing everything in moderation?

I dunno perhaps I am over thinking about things again but I do think we should learn to stop wasting a lot of things, like water and food, because these things, especially any natural resource, do run out easily and takes time to produce.

Remember that it is always easier to destroy than create. Creating always takes time, the bigger it is the longer it takes, while destroying something can merely take seconds or a few minutes. It takes more than half the time to destroy, consume or use something than it takes to create or produce something. Start thinking about that every time you use or consume something. It would probably not affect anyone adversely anyway, but it’s basically going to make you and the world a bit better in your own little way.

I don’t think it would hurt if you suggest on having anything saved if you see someone wasting something. Example: that faucet leaking in a public toilet, the light in the kitchen when no one is using it or simply your friend who don’t like to eat fat. When it comes to food there are personal preferences so if you know your friend doesn’t like a part of the food you like then that person can eat what they like and you can eat the part they don’t since you like it or vice versa. But of course some people are not used to sharing their food with others so this is a case to case basis. And also we shouldn’t dictate on or control other people. So if you discipline yourself into not being wasteful, as long as you are able to control the situation, eventually if someone else notices they’d probably do the same thing. If they don’t then at least you’re personally doing the world a favor. And that’s a big plus in my book. =)

I remember when i was a kid, I hated root beer.

I hated dark chocolate and marshmallows too.




I never bothered to like them at all. But then at some point it all changed. I started liking root beer about 4 years after college. I love root beer float!!! The dark chocolate? I think i started liking it and hating milk chocolate maybe after college as well. I just loooove dark chocolate! Mmmm~ they are love. The marshmallows? I started eating them in grade school.

And i remember the slight fear of wearing contacts. I said I’d never wear contact lenses because i might not be able to wear them since i have chinky eyes but lookie here, i actually started wearing them back in September!

IMAG0834 eyes

I don’t know what happened, i suddenly felt like i wanted to wear contacts. Oh wait, now i remember, that was ’round the time my head was aching from using my eyeglasses for no apparent reason, or so i thought.

My eyes had changed grade without me even realizing it. And so because i didn’t have a health card at the time i guess that’s what prompted me to try using contacts temporarily and stuff my glasses somewhere. I’m actually planning on using eyeglasses again; easier to take off when i don’t want to use it anymore. =)

And of course my love for books have never changed.

nancy drew hardy boys2

I still get all giddy, spazzy and all happy when i see books i want to read, but the frequency of me reading a book? Well… i don’t think i’ve read a book in months. I buy books but then i don’t read them. What a waste eh? I’d rather watch movies, TV shows and anime now more than ever: BECAUSE I CAN, HAHA~.

So i guess nothing is really permanent. You change even if you don’t do anything. You eventually notice that you prefer certain things now over what you used to. Or it just happens because of certain circumstances.

It is insulting to hear someone say you’ve never changed, after a few years of not seeing you, when you actually have. Not entirely different but partly you’re possibly still the you they used to know, although a little different here and there. We all change without us noticing it. Possibly due to exposure to certain environment and people plus how we think and process these things.

And yes i think that about sums it all up. Best to look to the future with bright eyes full of love and hope for the best. ^_^

There are two types of people you meet for the first time. (1) People who ask about your sex life (anything sexually related) or a little bit about your love life, and (2) People who ask about who you are and what you do and probably what interests you.

Now what does this tell you about the person you’ve just met?

Generally speaking, for the first one:

  • If the stranger is female and you’re female as well then it’s either she’s a very sexual person and want to share experiences OR she’s a lesbian.
  • If the stranger is male then of course he’s interested in the woman he’s talking to or he’s gay if he’s talking to a guy (or maybe he just wants to brag about his escapades).

For the second one:

  • It shows that they are interested in who you really are and not how sexually active you are.

I just don’t get it when people who just a few minutes ago were strangers suddenly ask you about your love/sex life when you aren’t even friends yet. The only thing i can think of is that they are more attuned to their bodies and material things than they are to their minds or spirit.

Call me old-fashioned or conservative but my sexual life is not for public consumption. I don’t share it around to people i just met who aren’t even my friends. I don’t even share that much to my family or friends because it’s my body, it’s my life and they don’t need to know what i do with my body. It’s not like they can learn anything from me that they haven’t even tried yet. I don’t even think i look like an expert in that department. Damn.

So i guess this is turning out to be a rant instead of an informative essay huh.

I mean if you want to know more about someone, it doesn’t need to start with their sexuality unless that person is also open to talking about such and broached the subject first. And don’t put the person on the spot in a group later on by asking him or her about it in front of everyone just because you couldn’t ask him/her personally.

Like srsly people? Hello? Not everyone is as liberated as you would think. Bear in mind that there are people who are stilll conservative and not comfortable talking about private stuff like their sex lives especially to people they just met a day or two or even a week ago. Just because you or they are now in a new place/environment doesn’t mean you have to know how sexual they are. What they do with their partners (or what their relationship status is) is initially none of your business.

Read my edited version here.

I’ve been to Notre Dame de Vie chapel and Fernbrook Gardens. I saw the place and found it lovely. The ambiance is quite reminiscent of ancient times. Roman era, Byzantine, Victorian age, Colonial, Rococo and Baroque art and architecture. Reminds me of my art history and art appreciation classes. It reminded me of my architecture classes and research. Shall i say i waxed nostalgic even though I’ve never been to any old (or even ancient) place in the world except maybe Intramuros?

How do you describe a place that reflects the ancient times in modern days? The arches, the detail, the beauty. How do you describe it to someone who does not know art history? The type of art and/or the era it is from? You can’t talk Rococo to someone who’s not aware of it. You can’t talk Byzantine or Victorian to someone who can’t relate. All you can talk about is how beautiful it is, how pleasing the place looks and that it is a wonderful place to celebrate your wedding, debut or anything else related to it.

To say it is exactly Rococo may be an overstatement as it does not seem overly detailed.  Perhaps it is safer to say the place is of Baroque inspired architecture.

Ah and here i am still waxing nostalgic at how beautiful the place is. It tears at my heart at how close to perfect Rococo/Baroque it seems, the closest I’ve ever seen. It makes me want to visit all the old places in the world I’ve read about in my art classes. It makes me want to know  when it was built, who designed it and what their inspiration for making the place is.

All i can do for now is write something about it, after taking pictures and videos of it while taking in the wonderful details of the place.

Thank you to my friend Kristine who asked me to come along with her yesterday to see the place. Thank you for letting me have the pleasure of capturing the beauty of the place. I would have loved to stay longer and take better pictures of it but of course that would be asking too much. Just seeing the place and finding out that such a place exists somewhere near the outskirts of the metro is good enough for me.

As early as now i wish you both all the best and all the happiness and joy the world has to offer.

I do think i might cry at your wedding even though it’s about 2 years early to say so.  🙂

***pictures probably by next week.

So that’s what all the fuss is about… James Soriano wrote an article a “rich kid” would definitely write. He’s someone who’s priviledged enough to be raised rich and educated in the best schools but turned out to be another Christopher Lao.  But of course not everyone who’s educated and rich turns out to be like that; there are those you call elite and those you call elitist.

Found out what the fuss in Facebook about James Soriano and Bekimon language was all about because of a friend’s FB link (Carla Montemayor’s article).  Indeed we are still Filipinos but we are too immersed in American culture that some tend to think we’re better off being like them.  It’s not like this thinking is new but i guess it’s getting worse? Don’t you think we are now losing our culture and are being turned into so-called Brown Americans (like American imitations?) without even realizing it? How? Why through everyday media of course. From the songs, TV shows, movies, books to newspapers and everything else, which are mostly from America, we learn about the American culture. We probably know more about their culture than our own.

Even if we do know much about our culture if we are not properly educated, there will always be people who won’t really know or are aware of some vernacular words’ proper usage even if it is/was taught in high school or college. Many get confused over kung/kong, ng/nang, raw/daw and all that (which really annoys me to no end), and when someone makes a mistake in Filipino grammar, no one really calls them out and corrects them. When you do, it’s not like they’d care right? They’ll either shrug it off and ignore you or think you’re being such a know-it-all.

What makes me sad is the fact that not everyone knows or even realizes we are under neocolonialism. I don’t know if anyone would have the guts to do anything about it and face the ire of the entire country, but hey maybe that’s the Philippines for you.

Aside from neocolonialism, we are divided into the educated and the non-educated (or shall we add the “maledukado”?), the rich and the poor, the Catholics and the Muslims. Each have their own set of subculture and mode of thinking and each brings their own uniqueness to the country. I guess this is really what makes us who we are now.

So, why use English? Because it is what professionals use. They make it so like when you use Filipino in business communication it’s like unprofessional because we’re not used to it at all, and no one would probably understand you that well. The fact that our major newspapers are in English should make you wonder if you’re in the Philippines or not. They make it appear like tabloids are for the masses because it is in Filipino.

But what of Libre, the MRT freebie tabloid? Well it is in Tagalog but it’s really good, it’s very Filipino and not done in bad taste at all. Why can’t we make major newspapers like that? Because we are so used to English that we’d probably be weirded out by the sudden change. Just reading Google (and everything else related to it) in Tagalog makes our heads spin because we are not used to it (or maybe because sometimes it’s not really translated that well).

And let me just add to the fact something that’s beginning to crop up in our consciousness: there are people (surprisingly even those aged 35+) who think calling other people older than them as Kuya or Ate means they are trying to make the person related to them or something when they just don’t want to “respected” because of their age. C’mon. We all know that when you call someone Ate or Kuya it is a form of respect for your age, you are being polite, much like the Japanese have “-san” or something, much like po and opo/ho and oho. If you don’t like to be called Ate or Kuya because it makes you feel old then just say so, don’t ridicule the person who’s being polite in calling you ate or kuya by asking them if you’re related. Would you rather be called ale or mama? Tsk.

Flickr image - jamie3529gq

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