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Today is one of the best Saturdays of the year. Why? Because I finally saw Heneral Luna (FOR FREE!) and unexpectedly saw a certain male celebrity for the 3rd time! What are the odds huh?

Even if my newer smartphone was “dead” in my bag, at least I was able to take decent pics using my old phone!


Cinema ’76

Thanks to Cinema ’76 (in San Juan) for the free screening of Heneral Luna today. Best Philippine holiday event lang for me. haha~ Kahit na i hated seeing the English subs in a Filipino movie (wtf lang tlga mga ganun), pagbigyan na libre naman eh.

76 2

Comfy pillow and sofa seats.

Anyway, the movie did not disappoint. Kudos pa rin sa lahat ng gumawa ng sine na yun. It reinforced my hatred for what Aguinaldo did and fellow Pinoys who sold out our own country.

*Rant starts here*

Nakakagalit talaga yung sarili mong kababayan magbebenta sa sariling bayan para lang madali ang buhay nila. Mas gusto pa paalipin kesa paghirapan ayusin ang sariling buhay at ekonomiya? Ano yun di ba? Mga taong walang tunay na pagmamahal sa sariling bayan!

Yung maiisip mo, sakaling totoo ang takbo ng kwento ng sine, bakit ang tanga at duwag ni Aguinaldo, di pa tinanggap yung resignation ni Luna. Di naman pala niya kayang suportahan ang pinakamagaling niyang Heneral pero gusto niyang siya ang mamuno at lumaban para sa bayan. Mga tanga.

Tapos ngayon isipin mo, may mga tao gusto Federalismo daw. Aba bakit di na lang monarkiya ang gawin sa Pilipinas kung gustong magkaron ng disiplina at pagmamahal sa bayan ang mga tao? Gusto niyong maging regionalistic? Gusto niyong humiwalay sa Pilipinas? Asan ang pagka-Pilipino niyo?  Punyeta nakakagalit lang eh. E yung gusto niyong ibenta kayo sa China ng walang kamalay-malay? Tingnan naten ano mangyari pag gusto niyo ng martial law ulet o ng anak ng diktador.

Ang problema kase yung mga hindi masa at edukado hindi bumoboto (o hindi makakaboto) tapos pagrereklamo at paninisi lang din alam. Ganda di ba?

Jusko iligtas niyo kami sa masama Lord!!! Utang na loob baket ang eleksyon ngayon parang matindi at mainit?!?

*Rant ends here*

In other news, nakita ko na naman si Mr. Epy Quizon di ko alam andun pala sha. Baket di ba? Akala ko si Mr. John Arcilla lang andun e panel pala sila. 3rd time na talaga ‘to.

Does this mean anything? Am I missing something here? 1st unexpected sighting was in 2013 (theater forum), 2nd in 2015 (extra sa TV episode ng Imbestigador) and 3rd is today (free movie screening). O di ba? Sosyal. Hahaha~

There must be some opportunity I am not taking here but I don’t know exactly what it is/was. Earlier, I could have talked to Mr. E.A. Rocha (movie producer) or Epy or even Mr. Leo Martinez after the panel Q&A (after the movie screening). An autograph signing and photo op session happened next kaso umuwi na ako.

Madali lang sila siguro makausap because it’s a small venue and close quarters lang. Why not talk to anyone of them right? Easy peasy yun as in. Kaso after the movie, I didn’t want to have their autograph or get a photo op… (Already have an unglamorous pic w/ Epy haller tenkyuberimats).

I guess I didn’t have something ready to talk to them about? Ni hindi nga ako nagtanong sa Q&A even though I felt like I should have asked something political but my tired and sleepy brain couldn’t come up with a good question. Boom panes lang. Tsaka ano na, yung travel TV show plan ko mangyayari pa ba? (Hahaha ewan ko lang, saya lang ng buhay ko eh. Whatever.)

Galing kase ako sa night shift work then I went to the venue after I ate “breakfast”. All I could do was react to anything that happened in the cinema and nothing else. I actually wanted to go home immediately after the movie but stayed on for the Q&A because nobody was leaving! 😛

Ok lang naman, forum session was fun. Also at least nakita kong the movie really serves its purpose of awakening blind and sleeping Filipinos (if not all). Thank God for the movie talaga.

So how about you? How are you spending your Saturday holiday? 🙂


May 28, 2011 i went to Sofitel Philippine Plaza (hotel yun) at Roxas Blvd and surprisingly saw 3 showbiz personalities. It turns out the reception for the wedding renewal of Sen. Bong Revilla and Rep. Lani Mercado was held there last night.

While we were standing around waiting for our grandma at the lobby area (If that is indeed the lobby? Because it was just in front of the entrance with a round table and red flowers in the middle. We were all standing around doing our own thing.) before we left the hotel, my cousin saw a tall girl wearing a long blue gown. She said she wants hair like hers, curly at the ends so i looked over and saw the girl’s back and beautiful long dress and told her “Oh it’s just iron curled, you can easily do that. No need to get actual curls.” And then she said the tall guy beside her looked cute and so i turned around again and looked over my shoulder. As it turned out it was Borgy Manotoc! Hahaha~ Talk about being at a certain place in time and seeing people I’d never imagine I’d see. I then began to wonder if it was really a Revilla kid in barong earlier that night i saw being interviewed by two TV5 people.

Curiously i went online last night after i got home [and realized i somehow managed to lose my clear blue glittered bracelet (DAMN!)] and checked out some Borgy Manotoc search results, I found out his current gf is Georgina Wilson (I still thought it was Ornussa Cadness so i wondered if that was Borgy we saw why would a different girl be with him?) Upon further research online that’s how i knew it was the reception of the Revilla wedding renewal. Nice. And that’s how i found out na yung tall girl pala na yun is Georgina Wilson. I don’t watch TV so i don’t know any showbiz updates at all unless it’s major news. Hahaha~

Talk about being so unpaparazzi-ish, i didn’t whip out my cellphone to take any picture of the lovely blue dress. *sigh* It turns out it’s made out of “Pure hand woven silk from a cambodian designer!” accdg to her tweet today. Ganda nung dress niya~ of all the people i saw wearing a dress that night (konti lang napansin ko wala pang 5 ‘ata, most wore red hahaha) yung dress niya ang pinaka-like ko… hohohooo~

Not really a fan of them both but let’s just say seeing them and posting this makes it kind of a consolation for me losing the bracelet later on without me even noticing it. Such luck eh?

Image from @ilovegeorgina twitpic from the wedding renewal.

It’s just so sad… for the past few years, Michael Jackson had been prosecuted and blamed and harassed by the media and most people. People thought he was such a pompous ass and insecure because he supposedly had several plastic surgeries and stuff. But if you look and research for the videos and interviews online, you can see that the media just blew things out of proportion. Most people were actually out to get him because he was rich and famous and everybody else was envious. He had been wronged for years (or decades) before his death even if he did a lot of good things for people. Most people (and the US media) focused more on the controversies they made up or hyped up rather than hype up the good he did.

It’s very saddening.





A few months ago, when he announced his comeback  (a series of concerts), i was into Michael Jackson. I mean i was listening to all his songs… read online articles and then watched MJ videos on YouTube. I found out that usually the online written interviews and articles weren’t really as accurate as the videos i saw. Media people judged him, making common people judge him too, looking at him as some freak even though he’s not.

It’s just so saddening… I hope God will reward him for the good he did while he was alive.

Read the CNN news article here.

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