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If there needs to be a definition on who a person is then I feel obliged to let you know the words that not so accurately define me but can somewhat be sufficient for most people:

Artist | Writer | Online Seller | Manulife Financial Advisor

But of course I will always be an artist at heart whatever path I choose as the years go by.

I used to go crazy over anime, but the things we love and adore change over the years if you allow yourself to change for the better. Anyone can grow older and wiser, learn more things, like things we used to hate or experience several different things but my penchant for almost anything fantasy or sci-fi related will never disappear.

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Want some more? Here you go:

– My Art accts: Instagram – @art.Stephanie.Rue ;  Deviant Art – Owstalaga

– Design Portfolio. I design posters, flyers, brochures, corporate calendars, shirts and such. If you need any design/illustration done you can email me. (No spamming pls. Respeto lang. Thanks.)

– Want to read my online articles? Go here, here and here.

– Wanna buy something I sell? Check my and (which used to be accounts. Go here to buy images or designs I sell.

– You can also check my FB page for properties and assorted items for sale. 🙂

If you need me to write or design/illustrate something for you or you simply want to write me a note, you can use this form.

Have a great day!


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