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Let’s say you’re sad, but then you got invited to an occasion (you wouldn’t normally go to if you weren’t sad) :

  1. You decide to go and meet your friends.
  2. You join in on the pictures and smile in every one of them even though you’re really sad inside.
  3. You laugh at the silliest random funny petty things that come up.


Sounds familiar?

Remember that the only person who is making you stay sad is yourself. If you choose to be sad that’s okay, we’re all human. What matters is how you move on from that sadness and make yourself better. What matters is what you do to keep yourself from being sad for a long time.

No one can be happy all the time. Life is a lot of ups and downs. Nobody’s perfect even though you wish you were.


Would you appreciate being happy if you didn’t know how it feels to be sad? But then again we aren’t machines made yesterday. We’ve been here since Day 1 so we should know how this works by now. And yet sometimes we still need to be reminded of this.

Sometimes it feels better to just let it all go and forget everything, act like a kid and take no responsibility for anything whatsoever. But then that’s just delaying the inevitable: procrastination at it’s worst. That’s when you do something only when it feels like it’s going to be too late or if you’re forced to face what you don’t want to when the time is almost up.

As I write this in my room, someone (or some people – a kid, and her yaya?) outside keeps playing Idina Menzel’s Let It Go.  *snort* Only the chorus plays over and over again so I guess it’s a toy you press that plays the music.

So there you go folks, the answer to that sadness may very well be to just let it go in order to be happy again.

Happy Holidays!


When you “let it go”, it shouldn’t mean that you forget about it like it didn’t happen because that’s not healthy. It means you need to forgive yourself and other people. Acknowledge what is making you sad and work on doing something about it to stop being sad about it. Only taking action on something will make it better. Good luck!

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