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We can’t always live the perfect or best life we want. However much we wish to live a life without deception, sin or any mistake, life isn’t like that.

Heaven is a metaphor of something only the dead know of. Words are mere instruments of expression we won’t be needing when we get there. This is why life on Earth is challenging.

We choose to either be happy or sad. Everything is in our hands. The decisions we make or the actions we take allow us to grab that chance and make the most of every opportunity. We only fail when we choose not to be happy. And most choose to do so because they are afraid to be happy.

As cliche as it may sound, life is really what we make of it.


We should only control what we say or do and not other people. Even children must be guided instead of manipulating everything about them. Our lives are our own but we are all interconnected.


To be alive is to be the bravest of us all; to exist is to be mediocre and afraid.


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