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Daily Archives: November 21st, 2015

Well hello there my dear WordPress blog… How have you been? I know I haven’t been around much but you’re still as fine as ever I see. 🙂

So about the updates… well, I’ve been having creative flashes hear and there lately. Must be magic or something. Been a loooong time since the last time I got interested in anything art related or sumfink. Like I should be doing that graphic novel or comics I’ve been planning for years or finishing that book or short film script but then again there’s too many stuff to finish.

There’s one thing I’ve been thinking of finishing though. I’ve yet to come up with the final character “hero” look of the female protagonist/anti-hero. Almost done with my so-called villain. I think I’m also gonna shake up the timeline… Hohoooo~ supposed “book 2” will be the “1st book”. Maybe, maybe not but I think yes. XD

And I also just realized why writers just hire illustrators to make their lives easier. When you’re the writer and you’re also an artist, sometimes perfectionism gets in the way that it makes you overthink the design or look you’ve imagined. It’s especially annoying when it doesn’t come out looking the way you thought it would or should. Dang.

It pays to have free and idle time at work. You can do stuff you don’t have time to do. I feel like no time is wasted when I create art instead of staring off wildly into space and getting bored sh*tless. 😛 On that note, I should maybe do some coloring or art book out of my mandala free hand doodles or splatter it onto something I can sell.

Still haven’t come up with something new to sell (aside from the QC townhouses). Egads. I need a new supplier of something. I wonder what that something is. It’s long overdue c’mon! Clothing maybe? Uhm… No. Well it’s gotta be something useful and maybe fun to use right? Tsk.

The challenge is to finish something before my seasonal job ends early 2016. Ooooh boy. Will I make it in time or not? That is the question.

Anyway, abangan na lang ang susunod na kabanata. 🙂

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