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Honor is better than money. There is nothing better than the feeling that you’ve done something good for others. Money can buy you things that provide temporary happiness, real fleeting ones, but that is all it can offer.

You cannot take money into heaven. All you can take with you when you die is how happy and fulfilled you and other people were in your life. All you can bring with you is your soul and nothing more.

Everything of this world will be left in this world. Your possessions, your family, your friends, everything. All your dreams, if left unfulfilled, will be something you may regret on your deathbed.

Your past is something you cannot change. What you can only change is your future. Your present is the best time to do everything you can to live a good, happy and fulfilling life.

It is easier said than done I know. Everything is easier said than done. It is harder to take action on anything you think of. But if you think money will solve everything for you in this world then you are sadly mistaken. Truly I say to you that material things don’t really matter unless it brings true joy and a sliver of universal love to everyone.

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