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Daily Archives: August 23rd, 2013

Like what Bro. Bo Sanchez said, it does seem like everything happens for a reason and all the things that happened is for whatever life purpose/goal you are taking/experiencing, if you are following the correct path.

I just came back from the province and took care of my mom at the hospital. It’s my first time ever to take care of someone in the hospital! I didn’t know anything at all at the time. I was tired from the trip but I had enough patience for the day. What i lacked however was understanding someone who’ve reached old age. I wasn’t able to accept that the person you looked up to and respected much as a child is now weak and sick in the hospital and acting like a child with tantrums and all.

I never thought my mom would be like that, like a friend’s mom who acted like a child and had tantrums and all that which annoyed me to no end. But i guess it happens to older people who gets sick? Kase my friend’s mom has cancer, and my mom maybe has depression (or something?) and currently malnutrition issues.

She’s still smart but she acts like a child and throws tantrums and cries and laughs and acts crazy/cool. I never thought I’d see the day she’d be like that. Nakakaiyak kaya yun. Nakaka-frustrate. Nakakagalit. Imagine what i had to go through to come to terms na ganun na siya siguro. If it’s for the mean time or forever I don’t know but it makes me kinda sad. Ayaw ko na tumanda kung ganun rin lang.

Kukuwentuhan mo siya hindi na siya yung dating makukwentuhan mo and maiintindihan mabuti and have a normal conversation with. She needs to process it first tapos paulit-ulit ka nyang tatanungin for confirmation and then parang hindi ka pa rin naintindihan pag minsan. Adik moments lang. Pero at times she’s back to her old self and you can talk to her like normal with no problem.

Ewan ko. I don’t know if my stint in my previous job helped me or not. There I had to learn how to deal with mostly stupid and annoying callers who doesn’t know left from right in the situation they blindly entered, plus old people who can’t and wouldn’t follow instructions.  Actually that account was a real challenge, better than most accounts I’ve been in.

If you’re in general customer service you get a hodge podge of questions and you need to know most of the answers unlike if you’re in a specialized LOB, you get bored or in my case, you find that it’s not for you after a few months.

So anyway, my patience skill level has now leveled up because of that hospital quest. I feel like i can take on all the stupid and old people calling in now. haha. Which i doubt I’d do again, maybe, I need to sleep on it some more. *procrastinating*

My time at the hospital was horrible and grueling but it was kinda worth it. My mom is so cute pag nagpa-cute. haha. She kinda grows on you after you’ve gone through the acceptance stage. Funny. I guess I love her so even though she does tantrums now and all that. Ah well, such is life. ♥

(But then again, it’s possible it was only because of her hospitalization that she was acting that way…)

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