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Some toolbar or download or something caused my browsers to default to a certain search engine i didn’t want. I easily changed it using Google Chrome but when i used Firefox i got annoyed since it’s really hard to find where to change the URL search settings. It’s not under Tools nor is it under Options.

I looked into the Firefox support page after googling about my issue and found something, so i typed “about:config” in the Firefox search bar (without the quotation marks of course) and looked for what i should edit based on what i read from the support page. It didn’t actually help though as my search bar was already showing Google as its value.

So anyway after looking into all the strings and stuff on there, i saw the annoying search engine so I immediately changed it to Google. Now i don’t have any problem anymore. HAHAHA~

—> Try changing “” value to Google and you’re done. 🙂

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