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Such a weird dream i had. I don’t know if it would be feasible or not.

There are a lot of food that go to waste, especially if not everyone consumes them. A lot of fruit, fish and meat go to waste and just get thrown away because no one buys them. There might be no demand, it’s too expensive or there’s just too much for the number of people purchasing them.

In my dream there was a limit to the number of fish a fisherman could haul in. A limit was set for each person. In that way there would still be enough fish in the ocean for future consumption.

That would ideally be nice I think but who would agree to implement that I wonder? Would the government support such a thing? Only small fishermen would probably be asked to comply to it. Big fishing companies would probably complain about it and oppose it. However if you think about it, not only should it apply to fishing but also to everything else, not only food.

There are a lot of things that go to waste. People are not aware of how much they consume and how slow it takes for these things to be created or even generated. We have been so used to living easy and being able to just get what we want that anything in excess is taken for granted.

I too am guilty of wasting food when it can’t be helped. That is why I get annoyed at the office canteen because they don’t give you a choice of getting half viand of meat or vegetables. I already submitted feedback about it but I don’t know if they would implement it.

Think about it, you get a full meal that you can’t consume fully but being the unwasteful person that you are, you force yourself to eat the excess food because it would be a waste not to eat it even if you don’t have the time to eat all of it or you just don’t have the appetite to eat everything on your plate but you still should eat it anyway because it’s there.

Aside from that, I also have this habit, as with everyone else probably, of not eating all parts of a fish or any piece of meat I don’t like.

The problem is if you eat out, you don’t have a choice on what you get. If you don’t like to eat fat and the piece of meat you got has a large chunk of fat then it of course goes to waste. But if you think about it, there would always be parts of food or things that get thrown away like if it’s not useful or if it’s not edible, but if it is excessive and deliberately done then it is alarming.

Anyway, there is also a saying that would probably explain how we behave: “Mabuti na ang sobra kaysa kulang.” This of course has a grain of truth, but then where does discipline come in? Isn’t there also a saying about doing everything in moderation?

I dunno perhaps I am over thinking about things again but I do think we should learn to stop wasting a lot of things, like water and food, because these things, especially any natural resource, do run out easily and takes time to produce.

Remember that it is always easier to destroy than create. Creating always takes time, the bigger it is the longer it takes, while destroying something can merely take seconds or a few minutes. It takes more than half the time to destroy, consume or use something than it takes to create or produce something. Start thinking about that every time you use or consume something. It would probably not affect anyone adversely anyway, but it’s basically going to make you and the world a bit better in your own little way.

I don’t think it would hurt if you suggest on having anything saved if you see someone wasting something. Example: that faucet leaking in a public toilet, the light in the kitchen when no one is using it or simply your friend who don’t like to eat fat. When it comes to food there are personal preferences so if you know your friend doesn’t like a part of the food you like then that person can eat what they like and you can eat the part they don’t since you like it or vice versa. But of course some people are not used to sharing their food with others so this is a case to case basis. And also we shouldn’t dictate on or control other people. So if you discipline yourself into not being wasteful, as long as you are able to control the situation, eventually if someone else notices they’d probably do the same thing. If they don’t then at least you’re personally doing the world a favor. And that’s a big plus in my book. =)

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