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I remember when i was a kid, I hated root beer.

I hated dark chocolate and marshmallows too.




I never bothered to like them at all. But then at some point it all changed. I started liking root beer about 4 years after college. I love root beer float!!! The dark chocolate? I think i started liking it and hating milk chocolate maybe after college as well. I just loooove dark chocolate! Mmmm~ they are love. The marshmallows? I started eating them in grade school.

And i remember the slight fear of wearing contacts. I said I’d never wear contact lenses because i might not be able to wear them since i have chinky eyes but lookie here, i actually started wearing them back in September!

IMAG0834 eyes

I don’t know what happened, i suddenly felt like i wanted to wear contacts. Oh wait, now i remember, that was ’round the time my head was aching from using my eyeglasses for no apparent reason, or so i thought.

My eyes had changed grade without me even realizing it. And so because i didn’t have a health card at the time i guess that’s what prompted me to try using contacts temporarily and stuff my glasses somewhere. I’m actually planning on using eyeglasses again; easier to take off when i don’t want to use it anymore. =)

And of course my love for books have never changed.

nancy drew hardy boys2

I still get all giddy, spazzy and all happy when i see books i want to read, but the frequency of me reading a book? Well… i don’t think i’ve read a book in months. I buy books but then i don’t read them. What a waste eh? I’d rather watch movies, TV shows and anime now more than ever: BECAUSE I CAN, HAHA~.

So i guess nothing is really permanent. You change even if you don’t do anything. You eventually notice that you prefer certain things now over what you used to. Or it just happens because of certain circumstances.

It is insulting to hear someone say you’ve never changed, after a few years of not seeing you, when you actually have. Not entirely different but partly you’re possibly still the you they used to know, although a little different here and there. We all change without us noticing it. Possibly due to exposure to certain environment and people plus how we think and process these things.

And yes i think that about sums it all up. Best to look to the future with bright eyes full of love and hope for the best. ^_^

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