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Had an awesome awesome day today! Filled with things i love and awesome wonderful things. Happy Sunday indeed!

I started my day, if you want me to start on a normal day instead of at night which is how i usually start my day… eherm anyway… I started my day at around almost 6am walking towards EDSA for a bus ride to Shaw blvd on my way to Ace Water Spa (AWS). After my bus ride, I walked a bit then took a jeepney ride to Kapitolyo and then leisurely walked some more to get to the place.

When i saw the lobby, it looked like a hotel and i was quite intimidated at first, but then i found my way around AWS and it was like i was discovering something fun that no one else knew about. E mag-isa lang ako eh natural! Wahaha. For the sake of the last day of my precious AWS voucher, nagpunta ako dun. Sayang naman kung di gamitin haller.

And so i spent about 2 hrs trying out all the wonderful therapeutic massage pools plus the enjoyable herbal pools! Hahaha! The best yung Jasmine pool. Bango-bango!!! Hmmm! And there’s free drinking water just in case ma-dehydrate ka kakalangoy and all that. I didn’t try the Sauna and Steam bath though. But i did try everything else. Oh except for the Lap pools as well as one other pool with the slide.

The best yung rainfall massage chenes. Ahluvit! XD Favorite ko na yun. hahaha~ Yung waterfall chenes magandang tingnan. And best of all nakaka-relax talaga kahit mag-isa lang ako, i enjoyed it. =)

And that’s also where, i guess, the last of my purple hair dye came off. Tapang ng shampoo nila eh, natanggal ng maigi yung hair dye. hahaha~ Squeaky clean hair ang labas. Plus free use of hair dryer. Oha!

The only bad trip thing i could think of was that i didn’t bring my towel. I paid P150 for a towel e haller i could have saved that much if i brought my own. Feeling ko kase hotel talaga na andun na lahat ng amenities. E haller, i was wrong, hindi libre ang towel. Haha~ At least nakalibre ako ng plastic, i forgot to bring plastic for my swimwear eh.

After that wonderful and refreshing 2 hrs i went on to walk and find breakfast. Didn’t find Greenwich, i guess nalugi? Jolibee na lang yung natirang establishment dun sa Pioneer. I think may Chowking dun before pero wala na rin. So anyway i ate an unhealthy breakfast and went on my way, enjoying my walk to St. Francis to hear mass.

The best thing about Pasig, Kapitolyo area, is  the greeneries plus how peaceful it feels. I love it. Thumbs up ang Pasig dun for me. =) I used to live in Pasig anyway and nakaka-miss lang din pag minsan. next part of our story happens… but wait, which part of the story was the girl with the “porcelain” skin??? Grabe yun. I was in the MRT on the way back to Guadalupe. Oh i think that was after i heard mass… Yup. Right. After the mass i went to Globe in Shangrila to get mah moolah. Then i took the MRT back to Guadalupe. And there was this girl right in front of me, sandwiched between several other women as well and all i saw was her smooth, light skin. She had this black bow neck shirt i guess which showed the top of her back, a bit of her shoulders and of course part of her neck which was covered by the usual/common brown colored hair na uso ngayon pero hindi halatang colored kase ang puti niya.

I was actually fascinated to the point na I would have touched her skin if i didn’t know it belonged to an unknown human being – a stranger – as if it was a marble statue i could rub. The skin on her back was like so unreal i thought, “Eto ba ang epek ng gluta? Kaya???” Ang kinis at ang puti it was like impossible for it to actually be someone’s skin. Walang blemishes, di kita ang pores, walang brown spots or melanine chenes, wala! Even the hair was very very fine it was almost invisible.

Siguro naka-sense si girl na may tumitingin sa balat niya, tumingin bandang likod niya, where i was. E hindi ako kita maxado di sha makatalikod tlga kase masikip. XD And then i had a chance to look at her arms, makinis rin naman. The side of her face gave me a slight impression na matangos ilong nya, makinis ang fez at naka-make up sha. Never really looked at her face kase sobrang lapit and mejo nakatalikod sha sa’kin. Actually nadikit pa yung elbow niya sa’kin and i don’t know, i wasn’t really able to compare how light her skin was compared to mine. Siksikan nga eh noh. But the shade is close enough, maybe hers is a bit lighter and clearer than mine though. The only disappointment was her choice of nail polish. It made her hands look cheap. As in. The unearthly shade of pink on her nails made her hands look so common, like it belonged to someone else, instead of the unique or different creature that she is. And of course i had to get off at Guadalupe station, and since she was in front of me i had to say excuse me to be able to squeeze my way out to freedom. Chos. Haha~

So i am only left to think that her skin is probably fake or a product of using gluta or some kind of whitening soap/lotion but who knows if it isn’t di ba? Mukhang mayaman eh. And i thought if she’s rich then she’s able to eat good food, expensive but healthy food, that can help her get that kind of skin. Oh well.

So anyway before i went to sleep, i agreed to watch a movie with my friend Tin that night and then went off to dreamland.

The next part of our story starts off with Beef Wanton noodles from a Chinese resto later that night somewhere in Pasig pa rin, Boni/Pioneer area. Ahluvit! Yun kinain namin for dinner and i ate almost all of it. Yum!!!

Now that’s what i call good food! Not that expensive kase malaki naman yung serving, kasya sa dalawang girlalooo. Haha~ Plus mixed fruit for dessert! Mmmm.

And last but not the least is yung Rise of the Guardians na movie. Ganda rin, makabagbag damdamin kahit papa’no. I didn’t really plan on watching it at all pero ok naman pala.


Ampogi ni Jack Frost!!! Hahaha~ cutie boylet lamang. XD Reminded me of someone na pogi rin. hehehe.

And that of course ends my story for the fascinating day i had. =) Had a wonderful Sunday and i saw the moon too! Thank you Lord!!! ^_^

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