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Always remember to surround ourselves with positive energy even on the onslaught of negative people.

I have forgotten how destructive negative people can be. Never let yourself be taken down by negative people. Let yourself shine and don’t let them take you down the dark and lonely path they’re living. Instead, you must be a light to their path.

If they are verbally abusive, bear in mind that they might have been exposed to verbal abuse their whole lives that’s why they also verbally abuse others. It is already their way of life. Sometimes we can’t do anything about that anymore until those people find out what they have been doing or what they have been exposed to every day and come to realize that they need to change for the better.

Not everyone is open to change. Not everyone likes change. So don’t force other people to be something they are not. Instead, accept them for who they are and share your compassion with them for they have feelings too even though they might be destructive to themselves and others.

Be one of the light of the world. Never forget that in the dark of night there will always be light somewhere.

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But, on a scientific side note… i just read that positive energy ATTRACTS negative energy… hm… so in that case… let me see… so maybe you need to reverse your negative energy (turn it outwards) so it will attract positive energy and repel negative energy eh?

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