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Have you ever wondered if the people around you actually want you to be better or want to keep you where you are: right beside them in their own misery, while you sit there unaware of the greatness you can become and what goodness you can share to other people ?

You know you’re doing good, but they’re not telling you. Not even once. So if you’re growing up, how will you know if you’re doing good? Perhaps you hear it from your friends, you hear it from your cousins maybe or from other people, but it doesn’t seem to be true because none of your family members ever tell you so.

Or how about when someone you love is supposed to be helping you realize that you have to face your demons, instead they coddle you up and keep you wrapped up from yourself so you don’t need to face your demons to be able to get rid of it? How’s that for love? How’s that for caring?

What if whenever they see you, all they can tell you are your characteristics, the mannerisms and attitude that make you who you are, they ridicule you for being who you are and instead tell you to be like this or like that instead of being yourself? Do they think that will make you a better person?

You can’t save yourself on your own, it has to be “you and other people”. But you have to be sure you are around people who love you and care for you however you may be and will gladly help you grow and move forward rather than those whom you think are there for you but are actually keeping you from growing and moving forward for their own selfish gains and reasons.

There are people who will make you feel bad just so they will feel better about themselves. There will be people who will talk behind your back even when you are good to them. There will be people who will talk behind your back when you try and do as they say as well. They will talk even when you are not doing anything to them anyway.

So just do your best, share the blessings that you can, help those who are in need but guard yourself against those who only want to bring themselves up by staying around you and blocking you from being the great person that you are. If no one will help you grow and be a better person then help yourself  improve your life and maybe include everyone else in the process. Find a teacher, be with friends or people who understand you and truly care for you, have fun and enjoy yourselves responsibly. (Don’t know who your real friends are? Read this.)

Be blessed! Be strong! Let the Light guide you on your journey to enlightenment.


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