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There are two types of people you meet for the first time. (1) People who ask about your sex life (anything sexually related) or a little bit about your love life, and (2) People who ask about who you are and what you do and probably what interests you.

Now what does this tell you about the person you’ve just met?

Generally speaking, for the first one:

  • If the stranger is female and you’re female as well then it’s either she’s a very sexual person and want to share experiences OR she’s a lesbian.
  • If the stranger is male then of course he’s interested in the woman he’s talking to or he’s gay if he’s talking to a guy (or maybe he just wants to brag about his escapades).

For the second one:

  • It shows that they are interested in who you really are and not how sexually active you are.

I just don’t get it when people who just a few minutes ago were strangers suddenly ask you about your love/sex life when you aren’t even friends yet. The only thing i can think of is that they are more attuned to their bodies and material things than they are to their minds or spirit.

Call me old-fashioned or conservative but my sexual life is not for public consumption. I don’t share it around to people i just met who aren’t even my friends. I don’t even share that much to my family or friends because it’s my body, it’s my life and they don’t need to know what i do with my body. It’s not like they can learn anything from me that they haven’t even tried yet. I don’t even think i look like an expert in that department. Damn.

So i guess this is turning out to be a rant instead of an informative essay huh.

I mean if you want to know more about someone, it doesn’t need to start with their sexuality unless that person is also open to talking about such and broached the subject first. And don’t put the person on the spot in a group later on by asking him or her about it in front of everyone just because you couldn’t ask him/her personally.

Like srsly people? Hello? Not everyone is as liberated as you would think. Bear in mind that there are people who are stilll conservative and not comfortable talking about private stuff like their sex lives especially to people they just met a day or two or even a week ago. Just because you or they are now in a new place/environment doesn’t mean you have to know how sexual they are. What they do with their partners (or what their relationship status is) is initially none of your business.

Read my edited version here.

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