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Reasons why people hate someone*:

 1. They can’t be that person.

2. They envy something/anything about that someone.

3. They can’t get/have what that person gets/have.

4. They think that person’s life is better than theirs.

5. They can’t do what that someone does even if they try.

6. They aren’t noticed as much as he/she is.

7. He/She has what they can never have.

8. That person is better than them.

It might be that he/she is in a better place/situation in life than they are. Or that certain someone looks awesome even if it seems they’re not doing much. Or he/she usually come out better than the rest even if he/she doesn’t want to.

(1-8 can be summed up in one word: envy.)

9. They can’t make him/her do what they want him/her to do.

10. That person doesn’t notice them or pay attention to them without meaning to.

11. They feel undervalued even if they shouldn’t.

12. He/She hurt their feelings.

It doesn’t matter if it was done intentionally or not, they will still hate that person anyway because they got hurt.

13. They don’t understand him/her.

It may be that they’re afraid of that someone or simply like or idolize him/her or maybe even love that person a certain way but since it’s not reciprocated the way they want it, it turns into something else entirely: hate. That’s why they ruin him/her, irritate that person or do all the nasty stuff to him/her.

It’s either that or they think he/she is
(a) weak, pathetic and insignificant so they bully that person or
(b) rude for hurting their feelings or doing something they don’t like.
Either way hate is still kind of a strong word.

People hating on you or you hating on other people isn’t something to be proud of. You don’t boast how much you hate someone (or how someone hates you so bad) just because you’re who you are; but of course that might be some kind of defense mechanism.

So what have we learned from the list above then? Should you change yourself for others to please them? Would you want that person you hate to change just because you are rubbed the wrong way when dealing with them? Nothing can really please people nowadays aside from making people feel good and appreciated.

Hate is a strong enough word. It is unpleasant. It is uncomfortable. It makes you wanna kill someone.

Why would you wanna hate someone? Is it because you feel insignificant? Stupid? Unloved? Wronged?

What exactly is your problem that it made you hate someone? Is it because you got hurt? Why did it hurt?

You do know that nobody’s perfect right? But everyone strives to be perfect to the detriment of others, which shouldn’t be the case. (Heck i don’t even care about my grammar, using a foreign language is enough as long as i get the point across and am understood.)

So what do you do with all the hate and pain?

Well why don’t we all start doing what is right instead of hating people and putting them down and hurting them more just because we hate them or just because they rub us wrong. After all if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be where you are now. You may be bitter and still seek revenge but revenge is empty, as we have all seen, reflected in movies, TV shows, anime and the like. It only feels good at the beginning but then it makes you feel more rotten inside without you even noticing it.

Doing the right thing might be hard but it’s better. Use your hatred and channel it to something positive to make life better for you and everyone else without deliberately stepping on other people. You’re just going to make things worse than it is if you keep on hating people.

Learn from your pain. Use your pain and the hate that results from it to learn about who you are and how people react to you and turn things into something positive. Hate and pain can destroy other people’s happiness so don’t be a destroyer of people’s light, build it up instead. Hate and pain will also consume you if you let it, so don’t let it keep you and other people from having a happy and positive life.



Pray. Laugh. Love. Live.

Enjoy life to the fullest and make the world a much better place for everyone. =)


Remember that you are the change you want to see in the world. You can’t change other people, you can only change yourself.



*Updated 12/26/2015.

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