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I’ve been to Notre Dame de Vie chapel and Fernbrook Gardens. I saw the place and found it lovely. The ambiance is quite reminiscent of ancient times. Roman era, Byzantine, Victorian age, Colonial, Rococo and Baroque art and architecture. Reminds me of my art history and art appreciation classes. It reminded me of my architecture classes and research. Shall i say i waxed nostalgic even though I’ve never been to any old (or even ancient) place in the world except maybe Intramuros?

How do you describe a place that reflects the ancient times in modern days? The arches, the detail, the beauty. How do you describe it to someone who does not know art history? The type of art and/or the era it is from? You can’t talk Rococo to someone who’s not aware of it. You can’t talk Byzantine or Victorian to someone who can’t relate. All you can talk about is how beautiful it is, how pleasing the place looks and that it is a wonderful place to celebrate your wedding, debut or anything else related to it.

To say it is exactly Rococo may be an overstatement as it does not seem overly detailed.  Perhaps it is safer to say the place is of Baroque inspired architecture.

Ah and here i am still waxing nostalgic at how beautiful the place is. It tears at my heart at how close to perfect Rococo/Baroque it seems, the closest I’ve ever seen. It makes me want to visit all the old places in the world I’ve read about in my art classes. It makes me want to know  when it was built, who designed it and what their inspiration for making the place is.

All i can do for now is write something about it, after taking pictures and videos of it while taking in the wonderful details of the place.

Thank you to my friend Kristine who asked me to come along with her yesterday to see the place. Thank you for letting me have the pleasure of capturing the beauty of the place. I would have loved to stay longer and take better pictures of it but of course that would be asking too much. Just seeing the place and finding out that such a place exists somewhere near the outskirts of the metro is good enough for me.

As early as now i wish you both all the best and all the happiness and joy the world has to offer.

I do think i might cry at your wedding even though it’s about 2 years early to say so.  🙂

***pictures probably by next week.

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