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It’s amazing how a gift from someone years ago could make sense after you’ve gone through something and finally come to realize what it’s saying is true. This was what happened to me months ago.

I don’t remember exactly when or where i got this paper weight from – whether it was from an exchange gift or a birthday gift i received i do not remember anymore but it really helped remind me how true the words written on it are. It just goes to show that you will never really understand something  or find value in something unless you went through some hardships or problems along the way, one that you might have experienced for the first time or even several times.

One thing i didn’t get back then was how people would like figurines and those nicely shaped paper weights. I found them pointless: good as decoration but still pointless. I did buy figurines/paper weights as gifts for people who i believed would like such things but that was it. I’ve never bought one for myself even up to now. And whenever i got figurine gifts I’d hate it. Not really hate hate but i don’t like it. As i said, i find them pointless and a waste of space so i just keep them somewhere i don’t see or sometimes i give some away as gifts to those i know would appreciate such. But then i realized there are those paper weights or figurines that come along that would give you something good even after years have passed. And that happened when i was down and low and felt like i was nothing. Suddenly i found meaning in it; suddenly it didn’t seem so pointless anymore because it was the truth.

I took a picture of this rock paper weight back in May because i felt the need to share it with everyone, it was really meant for someone but then it’s for everyone as well. I made it  my primary picture in Facebook but it was only a few months after that i wrote a message underneath it. And this is what you’ll read:

~ Always remember that we are all loved by God (or whatever Higher Being you believe in) even if we are who we are. God is merciful and kind.

~ We do not need to force ourselves to deserve His love or mercy for He gives us plenty of chances to better ourselves everyday, that is how much He loves us. So please do not be depressed about who you’ve become, or why you’ve become someone you don’t even like sometimes. Strive to better yourself, find ways to improve yourself and do not be affected by those who bring you down when you know in your heart that you are doing things right in the eyes of God. 

~ It is never right to step on other people for the sake of either elevating yourself in the eyes of others or for satisfying your ego. You can improve and bring other people up as well without deliberately crushing other people. It is also not right to abuse those who can be abused just because they can be used and abused. 

~ I know i am far from being perfect but i always strive to do my best in helping those who need help. If in case i failed you at some point, please know that i did what i could at the time. This is all still a learning experience for me.

Life is indeed a learning process. Let us learn all there is to learn and spread love, joy and hope wherever we go!

Just today a new FB friend liked that picture and it prompted me to write something about it. It reminded me why i made it my profile pic. It reminded me that people need to be reminded of it even if it’s cliche or something “we already know” because it might be unimportant today but it could be good, helpful and heartwarming in the future. We will never know what the future holds. Not everything is as we expect and plan it to be; if we did, then living wouldn’t have any point at all.

So go out there and explore the world. Go out and have fun with the people you like to be with. If they’re busy let them know that you’ll just be there anytime or plan and set a schedule. Don’t have people you’d like to hang around with? Then go out, mingle, meet people and find them! Life is really too short to spend it all in misery. If you’re miserable, don’t drag everyone in it. Let them pull and help you up and out of it instead. Realize that you need help and find a way to be happy. God didn’t put you here to spend your days in misery. You are here to experience life, to help each other in reaching enlightenment and fulfillment. Everything really is a matter of choice. As long as what you do will benefit everyone and not cause more pain or misery nor step on/crush the weak and those who do the right things, then whatever that is, it is the right thing.

If you spend your days doing nothing but delaying the things you should be doing then you are doing yourself a disservice. If you think doing something would be wrong then do the right thing. I know it is hard but if you want to be able to sleep at night and not become numb to everything then do the right thing. If you’ve made the wrong decisions then don’t beat yourself up over it in an extended period of time. Contemplate what happened to you, reflect on it then stand up, dust yourself off and move forward. Do not let it bring you down but use it to improve yourself and everyone else if you can. It wasn’t a useless experience if it made you and other people a better person. Now you know better. It’s that simple.

Always remember, whatever you do, God is there for you.  You may not believe in Him (or It or whatever higher being you believe in) but He exists. He is everything and nothing. No words can actually describe Him, words are merely there to barely express what He is. The God you believe in may possibly be the same God someone else believes in, even if he/she is from a different religion. He is as i said: everything and nothing, the alpha and the omega. And truly He is a merciful God so trust in Him and do your best; everything will just fall into the right places. As long as you believe it, and if it is best for all, it will happen.

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