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Ok so i just finished watching “Ancient Aliens: Chariots, Gods & Beyond” (from the history channel) because i heard of it from my friends back in college. There are actually two seasons of it and this is just the Pilot Episode.

What I think is that ancient Earthlings were able to leave our planet during the first time Earth was kind of “destroyed”. Much like the time that seems to be upon us, Dec 2012 may be the beginning of it i do not know for certain. I’d like to think they keep coming back to Earth whenever it’s time for Earth to rebuild or cleanse itself because it was their first home. It is also possible that these ancient people colonized the Earth and did originally come from another planet. They come back to take off and save people from the planet and then return once the Earth has once again renewed itself. Now there may also be a possibility that somehow people might survive such changes on Earth. And when these same aliens come back to “replenish” the Earth with people again, those few who survived will be helped by these new people.

There are many possibilities of course. How can we know which one is the truth when even our “truths” and beliefs are relative? For we know nothing but we also know everything. I believe we know the truth but are just mostly blind to it.

I do not discount the possibility of those we call angels, demons & gods being alien beings. The word alien does mean from somewhere other than the native of a certain place. So anything coming outside of Earth (extraterrestrial) or the 3rd dimension can be correctly called alien.

What i’d like to know and am still curious about are the spirit/invisible/supernatural beings here on Earth. The ones which normal people are not able to sense. What is their possible relation to those physically coming from outside our world? Or is there even a connection? Or are we the ones who are originally alien to this planet?

Wow i need to read more on mythology and stuff. Hahaha~ I’ve always liked to read them strange things. Dealing with it scientifically i can perhaps handle but if i myself experience it i believe there will be no turning back. Ever.

Now the question for most of us once we get to that point are these: Should we take that risk? Are we even ready? Will we be able to accept it once we deem ourselves ready? Are we totally prepared? Because if we are not, and we are exposed to it, the consequences can be grave. And as i said before, there is no turning back once you’ve stepped out over “the line”. (So maybe moderation is truly the key eh?)

I have been able to read  and watch about such stuff since i was a kid. My brothers had them such books. I don’t even know where they got them. As a kid i also remember asking my mom to buy some supernatural literature i really wanted to have when we probably had money to spare. Back then, Marvel and DC comics, D&D books, Television, local fantasy comics and such were all around me. My dreams back then were all fantastic and full of adventure. I would go about and investigate things like a detective/adventurer, and together with my family, relatives or friends would solve the mysteries of my dreamworld – magical, mystical and flat out amazing. Who wouldn’t when some shows on TV had some of those creepy heads in Easter island? I think i was three or so when i dreamed of those same creepy heads rising up from the earth, their bodies forming out of the ground, the earth all rumbling and shaking as one of them then towered over us and walked and tried to step on us (or maybe kill us?) while we were all running in fear of that big dark giant. (In fairness isa lang yata yung lumabas mula sa lupa na higanteng alien/bato ha.) But that was after watching just one show which involved an image, maybe of those heads in Easter Island? I dunno, that was way back when i was a leeeeeetel keeed. I think from then on i decided never to watch any horror or scary shows because it caused me to dream of scary things. I can watch horror or really scary shows but i don’t like it at all so i don’t do it, not if i can help it.

Anyway so I also read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys back then. Awesome stuff. I always want to know certain stuff, anything i’m interested in i’d go learn about it. I’ve always, always been a curious person. It’s just that reality comes along and erases all those fantasies and dreams you had as a kid. Maybe I’m half-jaded? Who knows? Maybe i can find my way back there if i don’t let myself get dragged back down by all the things we humans let ourselves be dragged down with all the time.

Lucky are those who are able to turn their dreams as a kid into reality. I commend them. Dare i say i envy them? Ah well, that is a topic for another day.

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