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If you were called to greatness would you answer it? That is the question I’d like to ask of everyone.

I have come to realize that Empaths are here on Earth as healers. Well then as healers, are you ready to heal our fellowmen? Would you be willing to sacrifice yourselves, your lives for the good of mankind? You do know that we take nothing with us once we leave this Earth right? All we have left is the love we have shared, compassion we have shown and the passion with which we stood by our ideals.

Helping others doesn’t mean being treated like a doormat and letting others step on us most of the time. We need to develop ourselves through a higher being’s guidance (God/Almighty) and heal the world one step at a time. Heal, love and respect ourselves first and do our best to help others find our way into the light.

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We are the catalysts of change. We are here to guide people into action. We are here to help other people realize that we all have to change for the better. It is not only us who are living in this world. There are other beings, other creatures, other deities. Who are we to say we own the world? There are mysteries in this world that need not be explained. There are things science cannot explain. Thus we are forever fascinated with mythology, of gods and otherworldly creatures because somehow somewhere we know they do exist. Somewhere in our hearts we feel there are truths out there we are not ready to accept. And because of those fears we seclude ourselves and make ourselves believe they are hoaxes they are illusions they are dreams or nightmares. We delude ourselves with the evil, the lies and deceit we’ve been fed. We allow ourselves to think we are greater than the unknown whereas we are only part of this great thing we are still unaware of.

We must protect ourselves from evil and yet we must open ourselves to the truth. The truth as they say is much stranger than fiction, for it is the truth that they brand as delusions.  It is true that there are sicknesses and true delusions caused artificially, caused by diseases, but we all know if something is inherently evil or not. We feel it. In our hearts of hearts, in our spirits or souls, we know if there is evil coming to us or coming out of us. We know if something is wrong but somehow we block those signs and signals by rationalizing and believing/deluding ourselves into thinking there’s nothing wrong even if there is something. As empaths we must be aware of such things as well.

And so as healers I urge you to be the catalysts of change. This i know will not be easy but at least let us do our very best. Let us be the people who make leaders take action and save our planet and our future from destruction and greed. Once we find a leader let us support them. Let us lend them our strengths and guidance whenever we can. You will know a leader when you see or hear one. They are among us, hidden, in disguise, or perhaps misguided or unknown. It will be hard work but that is also what we’re here for. Let us not manipulate and deceive people for our own sake or for a few people’s sake just because we know we can. We all have our own way of doing things so whatever works for you, use it.

Make someone great. Let them answer the call to greatness to make our world a better place. Let us not make them our personal tool for we are but instruments of a higher being (or the Almighty) into helping mankind become the best there is – at least to transform as many people as possible before it is too late. Only those who are open to the truth will be willing to change for the better. Let us help one another to ascend. One must not force it on anyone though. If we do that we get branded as cuckoo. We all have free will but it doesn’t mean we should manipulate and force people into something they do not want to or are unaware of or are afraid of.

We are all here to help ourselves and our planet. Let us do our best then for humanity. Let us be the light in the dark. Let us guide those who need guidance. Let us help them see the light. Let us move forward into all that is good.



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