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Ever wonder who your real friends are? Here’s some tips or guides to know who they are!

Real friends appreciate you for what you are. You feel secure with them, you feel like you can be who you are without having to hide behind any mask or pretend to be someone else. They will tell you if you are being stupid and hurting yourself. They won’t let you fall because of your own mistakes. Real friends are there when you really need them.

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There are some friends who are not really showy but are there when you’re down and will listen to your problems and comfort you and try to solve your problems for you even if sometimes you know you can solve it on your own but can’t think that well at that moment.

If there’s someone who always makes you feel bad about yourself and does not show appreciation of any of your achievements and you call that person a friend, i ask that you think again. If that person does not make you feel good at all every time you see each other then why put up with that person? He/she is not a real friend. You can drop him/her off as a friend and just treat that person as an acquaintance or someone you know, be civil but do not be rude.

Real friends are always happy for you however harsh their tongues may be at times when you deserve to hear such things. For example, if you’re being stupid and refuse to move forward and you know it, they tell you off. They always have your best interests at heart and say things to help you realize things that you’re not able to realize at times.

Of course if you are a real friend you will also be the same things i mentioned above to your own friends.

People who are not able to say anything good to you are not friends. They are just people you know. Because if that person is your friend then he/she won’t treat you that badly. Even if they say they do that because they love you it’s not true. It’s just lip service so they won’t look bad in the eyes of other people.

Fake friends will expect things in return when you do them favors. They won’t really care about what you do and won’t remember what’s important to you. These people will laugh at you instead of laugh with you. You’ll also feel no close bond to them as compared to those who you really consider as real friends. Sometimes people will try and be friends with you but you won’t feel any bond at all with them whatever you do or whatever they do. You can laugh at their jokes and tell them stuff but there is no closeness or sharing of your feelings about stuff that you’re interested in.

Bear in mind that a real friend will always have time for you even if they’re busy, they will make time for you even for just a minute unless it’s really a critical situaion. Do not be selfish with your real friends. Respect, honesty and concern should always be there in real friendships.

Let me just sum it up into two simple equations:

Real Friends = Happiness (even during bad times)

Fake Friends = Pain (which includes Sadness, Insecurity,  and Feelings of Unworthiness or Constraint)

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