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Yes it’s true, relationships make you more human. From the moment you decide to be in a relationship you experience varying degrees of emotions and thoughts that you don’t usually get. You tend to think too much and feel too much as usual. You tend to be unlike yourself but still quite yourself but sometimes you go overboard without even realizing it.

Relationships are very messy when there’s no communication. And yet it can be not so messy even if you don’t talk about it. It’s a great contradiction.

Confusion arises from not being able to clear things up with someone when you are the type of person who’d rather hear the words more than just feel or see the action of the person you have a romantic connection with. This usually may be the case if you are just beginning to be in a relationship and have never been in one before.

If your “partner” is the type of person who is more action-oriented (actor) than verbally oriented (speaker) then this causes a lot of little heartaches to both parties involved. One does not understand why the other person cannot say what must be said while the other person does not understand why the other one does not show what they need to show in order for them to express their love for each other. In this situation the speaker must be the one to do the talking and the actor must be the one to do the actions.

But the problem arises when the actor does not act on his emotions nor speak his mind and the speaker does not say anythng and shows him the opposite of what she’s feeling.

Therein lies the big dilemma. If no one moves from their spot then it all goes downhill from there.

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