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Yes you read that right. It sucks. Big time. It makes everyone monsters, unconsciously, mind you. You’d think it’d be helpful but it’s not.

It kind of takes us back to the Middle Ages where “An eye for an eye,” and “A tooth for a tooth,” was the way of life. Even Confucius who probably lived around that time (go check on your own if you want) agreed with everyone else by “creating” the Silver Rule, as Wikipedia calls it. Even if it’s the positive or negative version it’s all the same to me. It’s still kind of barbaric.

If you read the Bible, Matthew quotes Jesus using this rule. But Jesus’ time has passed and i don’t think it should still be used as it is being used now. People are abusing it rather than using it for the good of all mankind.

The Golden Rule, or the Silver Rule whichever you want to call it, makes people vengeful. Go figure. If you still don’t get it then forget it. You’re never gonna get it even if I explain it to you a thousand times.

Fine, let’s just say that it’s a manipulative rule and people use it for their own good rather than for everyone’s gain. Ideally it’s a great rule to follow, but we all know we’re not living in an ideal world. If you live in the suburbs it MIGHT be okay, but if you’re in a city I don’t think it’s good for anyone. See what i mean?

Now you should know why people still shove it in everyone’s faces all the time. Why? It’s because people are blinded by this rule that they think they know what they’re doing when they actually don’t!

It’s about time we have a new and better rule; one that’s much better and peaceful or something. I dunno what, all I know is the “Golden Rule” sucks big time; that’s why I stopped making it my motto years ago.

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