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Haller? Wala ba tayo sa Pilipinas? Panay English songs na lang naririnig kong pinapatugtog madalas. Asan na yung mga OPM songs natin?

What the heck?

Hello FM stations! Patugtog naman kayo ng mas maraming OPM songs… kahit luma noh. Ba’t mga lumang English songs panay patugtog niyo ha? My gosh.

Hindi na nga ako madalas makinig ng radyo panay English songs na lang naririnig ko twing magbubukas ako ng radyo. Or kahit dorm mates ko nagpapatugtog. Tsktsk.

Hindi niyo ba nahahalata? Our collective consciousness is changing because of the constant bombardment of English music. I dare you to say otherwise.

So i hope anyone who’s reading this… please realize that we need more OPM music in the air. OPM music is not baduy. You only “think” it’s baduy when you’re exposed to too much English music much like you think Pinoy films suck generally as compared to Hollywood big budget films.

If anyone can do something to have more quality OPM music “on air” then i hope you’d do something about this.

Come to think of it… di ba merong pinatupad si Tito Sotto noon na OPM hour everyday (correct me if i’m wrong) ? Bakit parang wala na yun? It shouldn’t even be just an hour pero dahil panay English ang pinapatugtog, it seems an hour would be better than nothing.

*sigh* If i send a message abt this to FM stations do you think they’d listen? Tsk.

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