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Why does Genuine Windows have to cost too much?

Why aren’t there any other better alternative to Windows?

And why the heck can’t people stop making viruses and malware and such?!!! What do they get from making them and destroying files and stuff? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

Why can’t these evil hackers get a life? Why can’t they just do something good rather than waste their efforts on viruses and hacking credit card numbers and such? Does it earn them more money to destroy people’s computer systems? How do they effin’ sleep at night?! If they’re very good at programming and making viruses and such why don’t they make great programs instead of crappy viruses and malware and other evil computer stuff everyone hates!?! If no one agrees to make them no on will offer to financially support them!!! Why is it so much easier to take the easy and evil way for a lot of us?

I hate you all!!!! You evil computer internet crap makers! @($&$*(&#?}+#!

People like you who make such crap are evil and insecure and want more than you should have even when you have more than what other really unfortunate people have!

I hate Windows (genuine) for being too expensive for the common man anywhere in the world! And i hate these good for nothing virus and malware makers who can’t seem to have time to find anything good to contribute to the world. I see them selfishly gloating over their success at creating such evil things!!! It’s like people who make money out of pornography!!! Exploitation of women and children!!! Good Lord!

Dear God why can’t they realize the error of their ways?!!


  1. hello ,i feel you man the windows thing so very true a lot of money 😦
    As for the quy s that make malware and virusus well it a big topic .
    The biggest info you get on how makes malware and viruses is in country s that are poor or the difference between the rich and poor is enormous .
    This in a was is like a terorist how for example hates the US or the occidantel countrys because the have and he is sturving(empty stomac)….
    And if no virus or malware is made then what will happen with the people that work for virus entreprises like Bitdefender (my favorite),avast etc a lot of people with no jobs
    All good or bad things happen for a reason.


  2. well yeah there’s the side of jobs etc and that they won’t have jobs if there weren’t people who made viruses but hello? it still sucks!


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