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Well not that i played all the other 2 games’ versions but it seems both these games are similar in a sense because i find the games too hard! Ahahaha! My thumbs are gonna kill me if i play Devil May Cry 3 (DMC3) again. But the PSP version of Prince of Persia: Revelations (POPR) is close to making my thumbs ache again… Actually it’s making my head ache too because it’s kinda dizzying… i don’t know if i lack a sense of direction in the game (even if there are “game/key tutorials”) or if i just like to get lost to see the whole place but the whole thing is driving me crazy! Confusing plus slightly thumb numbing, that’s probably the best way to describe POPR. haha.

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I’m not much of a gamer so i only get to play what’s available when i can play. But i’m loving Patapon too. I like it!

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Thanks to my brothers i can play games sometimes… haha. I don’t really have time to play anymore so now i’m gonna play during my free time. Weeeeh!

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