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I just bought me 2 cute plants last Saturday. I even went to QC Circle just to see where i can buy some indoor plants only to find out that there’s a “Farmer’s Garden” selling plants at Cubao (I guess). *sigh* I’ll just buy some there next time then… 

IMG_0026 edit

Oh well… so anyway i don’t even know what my cute plants’ names are. sheesh… the lady who sold them to me couldn’t tell me the names.

This one, she said, is a variety of cactus… 

IMG_0031 edit


And this one i don’t really know… does anybody know what plant this is? Ke Tagalog man or English, basta wag Scientific name…. Haha… pero pwede rin scientific name if you want. =)


IMG_0029 edit

I bought these two plants because i just have to have indoor plants where i’m working. It’s like i feel i’m suffocating with the office air sometimes so i thought maybe i should get some plants. ^_^ Since i don’t really know much about plants, and because the online people i’ve been contacting about such indoor plants haven’t been replying to me, i decided to just buy these two plants. The seller told me these are indoor plants but i guess only 1 of them can be considered an indoor plant (the cactus plant)… 

And also because i can’t have pets at the dorm and anywhere else i thought maybe i’ll just get me some plants to treat as pets… haha. So there you go… my two new plant pets!

By the way i didn’t know there is an underpass in QC Circle! Since when has it been there? I never knew such a thing existed. Ahaha! Anyway after much research online, i found out it’s fairly new, made in 2007.

photo from

This is the closest to how the tunnel currently looks like. There’s an exhibit there now and i think it’s called “Quezon City in the Making”. I guess the exhibit’s been going on since March this year. The tunnel looks really nice. I thought it would look like the underpass in Quiapo but hey what a surprise when i went down there! It’s cool in there and the tunnel looks great. You’d like it there i’m sure especially when it’s really hot outside. 

So there you go, i found out some new stuff on that Saturday while looking for some plants. What a nice day it was indeed. I wish there were more parks in the city, particularly the Cubao area (since it’s nearer where i’m staying ^_^). O di ba mas okay na tambayan ang park kaysa mall na lang palagi. It’s healthier and doesn’t cost much to be there. ^_^


    • Vengie A. Pelonia
    • Posted October 25, 2013 at 12:59 pm
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    the first plant you have is called sanseviera, more commonly known as snake plant or the mother’s-in-tongue plant..second plant though i’m not so sure but it looks like a rubber plant to me..

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  1. The second plant is round leaf ficus…. Some say its lucky since it resembles coins but sure it does clean the air

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    • Nice, now I know what both of these are… Thank you!
      I wonder if they’re still alive where I left them though? 😀


  2. Hi. I think its ficus nana.


  3. 2nd plant is called Jade Plant, said it brings luck 🙂
    Look at this site, look for no.15 on the description and how to grow it.


  4. Plant #1: Snake Plant
    Plant #2: Um, it looks like Ficus. I’m not sure though.
    * Both plants are considered indoor plants because they can live indoors. They also clean the air, specially the Snake plant.


  5. I have that plant also its called money maker plant


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