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It’s just so sad… for the past few years, Michael Jackson had been prosecuted and blamed and harassed by the media and most people. People thought he was such a pompous ass and insecure because he supposedly had several plastic surgeries and stuff. But if you look and research for the videos and interviews online, you can see that the media just blew things out of proportion. Most people were actually out to get him because he was rich and famous and everybody else was envious. He had been wronged for years (or decades) before his death even if he did a lot of good things for people. Most people (and the US media) focused more on the controversies they made up or hyped up rather than hype up the good he did.

It’s very saddening.





A few months ago, when he announced his comeback  (a series of concerts), i was into Michael Jackson. I mean i was listening to all his songs… read online articles and then watched MJ videos on YouTube. I found out that usually the online written interviews and articles weren’t really as accurate as the videos i saw. Media people judged him, making common people judge him too, looking at him as some freak even though he’s not.

It’s just so saddening… I hope God will reward him for the good he did while he was alive.

Read the CNN news article here.

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