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Please don’t run for office. They (the crabs) will only strip you of your cash. People want your hard-earned money. They want it because most of them think you don’t know what to do with it.

Don’t run for office if you know you don’t know how to govern people. You have to have an idea about how to run an organization before you’ll have a knack at being a government leader. I’m sure people who want you to run for office only want you to run because they’ll tell you what to do (and get some of your money too). Maybe you should watch “Man of the Year” (Robin Williams), “Dave” (Kevin Kline) and “Head of State” (Chris Rock) to get a clue. I know they’re all movies about US presidents but you should get the idea about how dirty politics is.

I think you have a smart wife (just correct me if i’m wrong). I think you should leave the money (business) part to her. Unless she proves to be unlevelheaded as the rest of the Philippines then find someone else to manage your money.

You should get into business. You can’t go wrong with venturing into business if you have the right kind of friends. Be sure they’re not the kind of friends who won’t be there when you’re in deep sh*t. And make sure you’re friends won’t drag you in murky waters.

Please listen to what your heart (and God) tells you and not to everything you hear around you. Perhaps you have real friends (and fans) out there who would love to help you help our country.

I don’t know why i’m writing this in English but anyway i know you’ll understand what i’m trying to say.

Being a government official should mean “hard work and improvement for all” and not “more money for me and my family”. But then again this is the Philippines we are talking about so i guess that’s just how it is here in our country. (Hey i’m not singling out the Philippines, there are also other corrupt nations out there too).

But then again who am i to tell you what to do? I just hope, Kuya Manny, that whatever you go into will be an honest success just like you deserve all the boxing titles you won for the Philippines.

Mabuhay ka Manny Pacquiao! You’re the best Boxer ever! Thanks also to the honest people behind you who believe in your capabilities and has helped you become who you are today.


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