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Ah well, today is my rest day, i didn’t even go to church. Am not planning on going. tsk. (bad!)

Anyway i’ve been surfing around the net doing lots of different things. And of course i seem to go to youtube quite often these days… Why? well i don’t have any TV. And i don’t have any DVD player yet. I’m gonna get some soon though.

So there i was in youtube… i dunno exactly how i saw this particular video about living in japan for a day. Well sort of. He actually lives and teaches English in Japan so he just shared what it’s like there… and then i saw several other videos. One is about a certain college in Bosnia i think where people (students) all over the world go to study as equals i guess since they say the Croats and Serbs and Muslims and others don’t really go along well with each other.

And then i think about the Philippines. Well what kind of videos are there about the Philippines? And then i thought, it would be quite fun if i had my own handy camera eh? i could shoot all the “movies” i wanted. Haha. Well that would be fun right? It would be fun to travel around the Philippines and shoot some interesting stuff. Well that’s if i don’t have a job. That would be fun. Maybe i’d do it on weekends… but hey, i’ve got to have a handy cam first right? Can’t go borrowing someone else’s because of course i can’t use it as much as i want to. Haha.

Well anyway… that’s what i’ve been doing today among other things. ^_^

Okay now let’s see what else i can see in youtube without searching for anything in particular. ^_^ Oh wait, i just typed in “Philippines” and i’ve found something interesting! Aha! Aside from a nice Wow Philippines trailer, i saw a new and very interesting TV show episode about the Philippines!

Pic from the episode

It’s an episode from Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations TV Show, i think it’s kind of a travel and food show. ^_^ It goes kind of like they set up a contest where the fans/viewers  get to choose where the next episode will be shot. And a Pinoy guy got the spot! Woohoo!  The YouTube Vids are FRESHHHH, like they were uploaded only 3 days ago so that must mean it’s a new episode, and there’s also HD quality vids so it’s cool.

Wanna watch?

Youtube Vids here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Or if you want a torrent link: CLICK HERE

So anyway i’ll be watching it now, go watch it too! Have fun!

*update: ahem, i found out Augusto didn’t actually win 1st place (last year!), he actually was a “runner up” though. Anyway he’s the guy who got Anthony Bourdain interested in coming to the Philippines to shoot an episode. ^_^ Kudos Augusto!*

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