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Yes i just discovered the wonder of audiobooks… no more reading any book for hours.

This is how i learned Fred Weasley is dead. I never thought he would die. I only heard about Dumbledore’s death… but not of Fred Weasley. It’s so sad…. so very sad… *siiigh*

I CAN”T WAIT FOR THE MOVIES ! ARGH ! i haven’t even finished listening to the audiobook yet but i’m already so excited and can’t wait for the movies.

• July July July is Harry Potter 6
• Harry Potter 7 is split into 2, but will be shown in 2010 and 2011, why oh why oh why is the wait so looong


* * * * * *

Even Snape dies?! Golly and his death isn’t even honorable or whatever, for some reason i kinda like Snape for a bad guy. Argh too many deaths! It’s so sad….

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