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i am still freaked out over my last room hunting…. i shouldn’t have gone there… it’s still giving me the creeps every time i remember it…

It’s my freakiest experience ever… Never mind ghosts or spirits or whatever… this is the freakiest experience ever, i swear!

A few months ago i decided i’d leave and find a new room to rent around this month. So last Saturday i went around looking for rooms (but i didn’t find anything that i felt i wanted). The last place i went to look into was a house somewhere near where i used to live. I was communicating with the house owner via sms (since Friday). I got there around 8 pm since i got stuck for a few hours elsewhere. The owners’ maid guided me to a 2 storey house. When i got in, that’s when i saw them. 2 white haired ladies who looked kind and old. Each had a different kind of ailment, like what people their age may get although it didn’t seem contagious in any way. (I won’t tell you what they have, i don’t want to describe them). I slowly started to feel like i was in a public hospital where sick people were lying around everywhere.

At first it wasn’t that freaky… Their maid showed me the room upstairs. It was big and airy and really affordable. There was another room acroos the room for rent but the maid said there were also other boarders there. So i asked where the bathroom was. She told me it was downstairs.

… There is only one bathroom for everyone.

After seeing the room the old ladies and i talked about the board and lodging details. This was where i really got to look at them. I started freaking out inside but i didn’t show them. I didn’t want to seem discriminating or anything but my gosh i didn’t want to stay in a place where i’d feel like i’m living in a hospital everyday! Not that i’d live there all day but still i didn’t want to feel like i’m in a hospital every time i’m there!

The rational part of me wanted the room because it was big and affordable so i said i’d still talk with my landlord before giving the final decision. I told them i was interested in renting the room. But when i left and said goodbye, the feeling of living in a hospital full of sick people still  lingered with me for more than an hour, but it seemed like several hours! “No way am i gonna live there,” i thought, but the rational part of me argued.

When i got home i felt like i was going home to a sweet smelling strawberry field, a wonderful wonderful place that  i was now grateful to have. I felt that i was lucky enough to live in that room.

After i was settled in i asked my friends about the room i was still rationally planning to rent. I told them how i felt about the place and what i think about it. Anyway after the text (sms) conversations, i finally decided that i couldn’t live there because it was too creepy for me. So i texted old lady #1 that i wasn’t gonna take the room anymore. And i thought that was that.

But then i got a call today at work. I had given old lady #1 my details because she said she didn’t know me so i had to fill up some details.  To cut the story short i told her i wasn’t gonna get the room anymore. That was a few hours ago. And I’m still feeling the freaky feeling just because of a call from the kind old lady… *shivers*

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