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Crap. And they tell me not to bother with maids or people like them. Why? because they tell me i am not at the same level with them. i am educated and they aren’t that’s why they only get jobs like that.

I mean what kind of thinking is that right? Elitist? Bourgeoisie? I don’t think that way. I think that all people are the same regardless of education or status in life. But that is not the case. It really is not the case. I would like to think that i am a very fair person that’s why i think we’re all the same. I do not tread on other people nor do i allow myself to be tread upon (unless there are unavoidable circumstances, see i’m even considerate?!) but still… i am not one to look down on other people just because they are only maids or are only blue collar workers.

But recently i overheard the person who does my laundry talking with someone, i don’t know if it was a neighbor or someone else, that i wasn’t paying her enough for the laundry work she does. i hate that she didn’t tell me what her problem was instead of talking about it with someone else.

To cut the story short i was told by my  landlord and a girl friend to not stoop to their level. I am an educated person while she isn’t. No matter what i do there will always be people like her, who even if i treat as an equal, will not feel good about it,  it’s not how the world is. It’s just sad really. Now i know why i get easily annoyed and disappointed in other people, it’s because i treat them as equals and they tend to abuse you or make fun of you. Ah this is indeed how life is.

And so the word for the day is condescending. Condescending means displaying a patronizingly superior attitude. It does sound bad but hey i think i need this even just a little…

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