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Oh my gosh, dead and so young!

According to a GMA 7 News article,

The Philippine Entertainment Portal on Sunday reported that it received a confirmed report that young actor Marky Cielo died at dawn Sunday. He was 20 years old.

The report said the cause of death is not yet clear. An initial report says that Marky died in his sleep. His mother went up to his room in their house in Antipolo City around 6 a.m. to wake him up for a charity event. But he never woke up.

GMA 7 issued the following statement past 4 p.m. Sunday on the death of Cielo.

“Bandang alas 10 kaninang umaga sa Antipolo Doctors Hospital ay idineklarang dead on arrival ang young actor at Starstruck Nationwide Invasion Sole Survivor na si Marky Cielo.

I am not a fan of Marky Cielo but for someone well known to die at only 20 years old is indeed news to me… He was probably more known as the most popular and recognized Igorot actor, which i believe is a first in our showbiz history.

This reminds me of Rico Yan’s passing. Was Marky that good that he had to be taken at such a young age?

Why die in your sleep (bangungot)? Is it better for someone to die while asleep? Perhaps it is a more natural and easier death, not having to suffer at all, eh?

Ah well, Rest in Peace Marky Cielo. You will surely be missed.


  1. d nga?
    idol q
    NG HES


  2. your soul is mine!!!


  3. ang tanga mo naman nakalimutan mong huminga


  4. Syng ka marky cieLo. aMbAta muH pAh eH.. mMi2s kTa, aMbaiT muH pa nMn, aMpoGe, at aNg aMu nG muKa m0h. . . sNa nkTa mN lng kTa kht oNce lng sa personal. LovE yOu MaRky. . .mWuaAaHuGzZz. . . d kTa 4gEt fOrEvEr. . .mY fAcEboOk kAh pLa dq aLm, sNa kuNg aLm kU lnG. . . nGiNg fWenD sNa tyO doN. . . miS u mArky.


  5. chronic smoker… wala kang puso… sana naman di bumalik sayo yang sinabi mo..


  6. Nabasa ko sa isang news kung ano daw yong ibig sabihin ni marky sa last stat nya sa facebook na oleic is going cold turkey..(oleic means cielo binaliktad lang) Ang masasabi ko lang dito e eto yong mga meaning nyan sa pagkakaalam ko.. -going to cold turkey means a slang expression describing actions of a person who gives up a habit or addiction all at once that is gradually easing the process through reduction or by using replacement medication. -Another term is to quit doing something.. -E2 pa, the most use of the term is now in relation to drug withdrawal.. And ito yong last na pakakaalam ko -quit taking an addictive drug by stopping immediately. Ano nga kayang malaking problem ni marky?


    • woooo~ talaga? hm… that’s interesting… ano nga kaya yung dahilan ng pagkamatay niya di ba? baka parang yung kay Rico Yan, may ibang sinasabing ikinamatay. =) Oh well… Rest in Peace n lng sila pareho.


  7. amh first of all i would like to say paalam na sayang ka kac galing m pa naman sumayang,umarte tpong the best among the know what i realy sad when i heard that your gone.cge paalam na and advance happy bday.sana ipagpa2loy m pa ang pagsayw kh8 nasa langit kana.lam m number one fans m ko.paalam and see u around.


    • idontknowaboutyou
    • Posted December 12, 2008 at 2:03 am
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    he died or maybe he committed suicide..they dont say the whole thing to people..maybe they dont like being exposed eh.but oh well life goes on..

    @ chronic smoker screw you man..
    “baka mangyare yan sa isa sa pamilya mo..then try to say that again”

    dont say a word if you aint sayin anythin.


  8. “Msakit mang isipin na wala na ang idol ko.. si Marky, but still it is within in my heart. I like him the way he dance, act and smile..who shows his real being. Hindi ko lubos maisip na sa isang iglap lang wala na siya. To be honest, his nice and true to his self. Marky, sana maging masaya ka saan ka man narroroon ngayon.. well pray for you. May you have rest in peace.

    Paalam Marky.


    • a_r_i_e_lg_e_n_s_a_n
    • Posted December 12, 2008 at 12:57 pm
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    “to be honest.. napaiyak ako ng malaman kong patay na si Marky Cielo, kung sino pa yong mabait na tao, siya pang nawawala. Idol, “alam ko… magkikita rin tayo balang araw”.

    “A Friend”, yan ang awit ko para sa iyo Marky.

    See in heaven…


  9. oi chronic smoker…baka ma carmi martin ka. kung wala kang magandang masabi, wag ka na lang mag comment ha! mangilabot ka!

    marky cielo will trully be missed by his friends, family and the showbiz industry as well. sayang…malayo sana ang marating ng batang yan… mahusay talaga sumayaw at umarte… may your soul rest in peace. +


  10. kung anu man ang dahilan ng maaga nyang pag panaw, ipagdasal na lang natin ang kanyang soul so he may truly rest in peace


    • francis esguerra
    • Posted December 13, 2008 at 1:40 pm
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    syang marky!!bkit kaw pa namatay sana ung mga taong walang mgwa nlang sana!!!at dun sa mga taong patuloy na nani2ra ky marky bkit kaYa hndi sainyo nangyari ung nangyari kay marky??bka skli mg-eenjoy pa ako..


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