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Check out the shoutcast station.

Mga mahilig diyan sa mga Kundiman or just Classical Pinoy Music eto magandang Internet Radio… Ngayon ko lang actually nalaman meron pala nito… haha.

Click here to listen thru Winamp >>>This is a Winamp playlist file so when you click it a pop up window will appear prompting you to open it with Winamp or save the file in your PC.

Actually not all songs are Kundiman music, there’s also Classical Guitar and Piano and some Traditional Pinoy Dance music (like Tinikling etc.) so at least you won’t be that bored with Kundiman’s. hehe.

I actually like Kundiman songs you know. Maganda naman kase eh. Haha. I want to buy one of those TV version songs… Nakalimutan ko na yung TV Program na puro Kundiman classics yata yung kinakanta ng mga artista… Basta yun… haha…. di bale mkakabili rin ako nun.

Update April 22, 2009: I think the show is called Aawitan Kita. I wonder where i can buy one of those celebrity Kundiman songs from Aawitan Kita? Argh. >_<” Somebody tell me where. XD I don’t want the ones by Armida. I want the ones by other singers… Hehe

Update Aug 17, 2009: Well it seems the link keeps changing everytime… anyway just type “Kundiman” when searching in SHOUTcast Radio, then click on Classical Philippines Radio.

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