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I just played Devil May Cry 3 again yesterday. I played ’til my hands hurt… that’s how hard the game is… Tsktsk… And to think i’m using the Normal mode… they should probably change the Normal mode to Hard and the Easy mode to Normal. Sheesh.

Maybe hardcore PS2 players’ hands won’t hurt like mine after playing the same level/stage for hours and never getting past the ugly three headed monster. Argh. It’s hard because it involves, as my brother said,  tremendous “button mashing”. I say tremendous because if you can’t defeat the 3-headed monster dog you’d have to get a lot of Red Orbs (kill more demons) to buy healing stars which still requires a lot of button mashing…

I’m not really a PS2 player, i just tried playing it because the FFX DVD is missing. agh. the agony. But i guess i’m not the only one who’s having a hard time playing it. Haha. Most online reviews i’ve been reading say the same thing… The game is hard to play and requires a lot of patience. But it does have great graphics and game features. =)

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