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Sad… It’s just so sad… people prey on other people these days… You can’t trust people anymore. Even people who look honest and sincere seem to be liars and users.

Last Friday night i had a little overtime (OT) at work and got 200 pesos for it. I wasn’t really happy about it nor was i sad that i got it immediately. So i left the office with R (my officemate) and then went on to the other side of the road near Shopwise Libis (vehicle entrance). R and i said our goodbyes, she went on to Shopwise i stayed at the sidewalk to wait for a jeepney.

As i was about to flag a jeepney, some guy in black (i think) walked towards me. I think he was already walking to where R & I separated when i saw him. This is what happened.

Him:  “Excuse me…”

Me: “Yes?”

Him: “Is this the only Robinsons in Quezon CIty?”

Me: “Yes.”

Him: “I’m supposed to meet with my brother…” he looked at his watch and was getting all blustery.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Frak. stupid internet connection. Now i have to retype it all over again. @#%&%*(#^()@#!!!

No way. sorry. Let’s just say i lent him 200 pesos because he looked really lost and pitiful and because he said “Don’t worry i’m not a bad person” quite a few times. when i gave him 200 he asked if i could at least give him 300. i had nothing else. Bah. he even hugged me and i wished him luck. he said he was going to pay me back “tomorrow”, he has dollars at home and only some Filipino coins with him that night, it’s his first week in the Philippines, he’s really lost and he lives somewhere in Ayala. He asked where i worked so he can return the money back so i told him where and that he should just call before i see him. he kept repeating he’s going to pay me back tomorrow. Well tomorrow was Saturday and no one, i say, no one went to where i work and looked for me. no one called to look for me. no one.

His name, or so he says, is Andrew Schmidt. I’m not sure if it’s Schmitt or Schmidt, whatever. Basta it sounded like that. It didn’t sound like Smith, but it could also be Smith. So there.

If you know anyone named Andrew Schmidt who is said to be staying somewhere in Ayala now then beware of him. Don’t give him any money. Don’t believe his stories because it’s not true. If it was i would have gotten my 200 pesos back now. I’m not much of a stickler when it comes to lending money but i trusted his word. i felt pity towards someone in need and so i lost 200 pesos. i didn’t actually feel bad in any way when i gave him my OT money. But seeing that he is a liar, it just irks me to no end. Perhaps this is a new modus operandi of bad people out there. It’s always the same story, they need money to go home, etc etc… bullsh*t. this is only the second time i fell for their tricks. First time i only gave away maybe 10 or 5 pesos. The asshole. the nerve.

If ever he reads this and can set the record straight then i’ll promptly post another blog just to clear his name. Or if you know anyone named Andrew Schmidt who was around (or got lost, so he says) near Robinson’s URC, Shopwise Libis area last night, October 10, 2008 then that’s him. oh how i wish i still had my digicam. Sh*t. like i’d use it and bring it with me everyday right? but i still wish i have my digicam just so i could post a picture of him.

He is about 5′ 5″ to 5′ 7″ tall i guess and has wavy short cropped hair. Brown skinned Pinoy and slightly gay, speaks with an American accent and has a whiny voice. He is chubby. Think Soxy Topacio but a tamer and slimmer version. He has a slight mustache too (may konting bigote okay hindi makapal, hindi rin manipis).

So there. you are warned. Beware of the vicinity area of Shopwise Libis. Maraming milagro na akong naririnig dun. Mga nadukutan at hinoldap. ako naman naloko. bwiset. He looked decent enough but indeed looks can be deceiving. he’s bad.

It’s just sad that i helped someone but he wasn’t honest enough to stick to his word, it makes me feel used and taken advantage of. Tsk. So much for helping someone in need… *sigh* i guess we should only help people we know then…. but then again that’s another story.

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