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The Residences at The Westin Manila Sonata Place is a project by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Inc., with Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) as it’s licensee and developer.




Not only do you get the privilege of owning a branded Westin property, you also experience the wellness lifestyle Westin is advocating.




Soon to rise in the heart of the booming Ortigas Business District, where malls, schools & universities, restaurants, corporate offices, churches, coffee shops, fun places and more are just walking distance.




Deliverables include The Westin Heavenly Bed & Westin Heavenly Bath and more. Services include RunWESTIN concierge which can definitely help you meet your fitness goals. Want to know what else you will get? Contact me today! +63 932 1800 937.

Ongoing promo! Enjoy a FREE WESTIN HOTEL ACCOMMODATION anywhere in the world when you buy a preselling unit on or before March 31, 2017. Up to 6 days & 5 nights stay for FREE! Let me know if interested.

Reserve for only P100,000!

Sample Units and Pricing:
💝 1Bedroom (BR) 49.77sqm, P10.1M
🎈 2BR 143.67sqm, P29.3M
🎉 3BR 175.12sqm, P32.2M



1 BR 49.77sqm, P10.1M
♠ 20% spot down: P2.03M
♠ 30% in 59 mos: P41.4k/month
♠ 50% cash or bank financing

2 BR 143.67sqm, P29.3M
♠ 10% spot down: P2.98M
♠ 40% in 59 mos: P202.3k/month
♠ 50% cash or bank financing

3BR 175.12sqm, P32.2M
♠ Cash in 90 days

Payment terms interchangeable. Promo payment terms available too.

For site visits and other inquiries, contact me:
Lucy Stephanie
Sun/Viber: +63 932 1800 937
Globe: +63 917 768 8444
Email: LucyRLC[at]

Get a Westin unit today and live well everyday!
2 Bedroom model unit pics here.


Be excited to come home to Jade Pacific Residences!


Available pre-selling and lease/rent to own payment terms! 14-Storey including roof-deck, 166 residential units. Only 16 to 18 units per floor.  😉

Located along P. Tuazon, Cubao.

Total Area & Total Contract Price:


  • Studio: 25.23sqm + 8.43sqm balcony, P2.9M
  • 1 Bedroom (BR): 36.78sqm + 6.19sqm, P3.7M
  • 2 BR: 45.85sqm + 6.47sqm balcony, P4.4M + parking*


  • 1 BR: 36.78sqm + 19.25sqm garden space, P4.1M  + parking*
  • 1 BR: 35.99sqm + 31.81sqm garden space, P4.65M + parking*


  • Studio penthouse: 27.13sqm, P2.5M
  • 1BR Penthouse: 36.24sqm + 7.62sqm balcony, P3.8M
  • 3BR Penthouse: 86.60sqm, P8.3M (1 unit left!)

*Parking slot: P700k

Reservation fee is only P20,000

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

♩  Payment Schemes  ♩


  • Down payment: 10% payable in 4 months! 90% cash or bank financing
  • Down payment: 20% payable in 4 months! 80% cash or bank financing
  • Cash payments also accepted!

RENT/LEASE TO OWN, move in in approximately 6 months:

  • Down payment: 10% payable in 6 months! 90% cash or bank financing
  • Down payment: 20% payable in 6 months! 80% cash or bank financing
  • Move in immediately: 20% down payment in 18 months (inclusive of separate 7% spot down), 80% cash or bank financing



  • Gym w/ Life Fitness equipment
  • Infinity Pool
  • Sky lounge
  • Fully air conditioned lobby
  • Full power generator system
  • Mail room
  • 2 high speed elevators
  • Cistern for water reservoir
  • Addressable fire detection system
  • Parking warning system
  • CCTV coverage on all floors
  • Intercom system
  • Fiber optic cabled for high speed internet

Unit features and Deliverables:

  • Concrete partitioning within units!
  • Range hood
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Wardrobe closets
  • Garden area at the Residential Garden floor

Reserve a unit now before everything gets sold out!

For scheduled site visits and more details, contact:

Ms. Lucy 

Property Consultant

Sun/Viber: +63 932 1800 937
Globe: +63 917 768 8444
Email: LucyRLC(at)outlook(dot)com
Facebook page

Ready For Occupancy condo units! You can live in it or you can rent it out to boarders to pay it off. 😉👍

PROMO Payment terms available until Mar 31, 2017 only!
The Magnolia Residences near Gilmore Ave, QC has Tower A & B Ready For Occupancy (RFO)!

‱ 10% in 24 months
‱ 20% in 24 months or
‱ 10% down payment then 10% in 24 months!

♄ Sample Monthly Payment for Tower A @ 10% in 24mos ♄
♠ 1 Bedroom, 36.15sqm: P20.6k/mo ♠ P4.99M TCP
♠ 2 Bedroom, 79.20sqm: P42.3k/mo ♠ P10.2M TCP
♠ 3 Bedroom PH, 156sqm: P91.6k/mo ♠ P22M TCP

TCP = Total Contract Price
Parking slot/s for 2BR up is P1.2M (not included in TCP)


For scheduled site visits, sample computation and other inquiries, contact me:

♠ Lucy ♠
Sun/Viber: 0932 1800 937
Globe: 0917 768 8444
Email: LucyRLC(at)outlook(dot)com

Three years ago today, I shared the YouTube video above in my Facebook account. It was a time I was getting better at saving but unfortunately a family emergency happened which depleted my savings. Saklap d b? Ipon ka ng ipon wala rin naman nangyari. Nag-try ako mag-time deposit dati pero maliit n amt halos wala ring kinita, nakatali lang pera sa bank. So shempre when the emergency came it eventually got zeroed out because I didn’t know any better.

During my 20s, I did not know how to gamble (nor did I want to, and I still don’t!), I did a few business risks and I certainly hated MLMs/networking because of how bad they are, duping people into their pyramid-like scheme just to earn thousands or supposed millions. No offense but back then, these networkers fool a lot of people into attending the recruitment seminar, then “convincing” them to spend more money instead of saving it to make more money. It still happens nowadays (remember online paluwagan?) so you can’t blame me for hating on bad networkers.

Anyway, in the video, Chinkee Tan says: “If you don’t save for your future, chances are you will not pay now, you will pay later.

…If you keep spending money you will be in debt.” And that’s true. Having no savings will always keep you in debt. Also, pag lagi mong iniisip na wala kang pera tingin mo magkakapera ka? So what do we do about this problem then? Chinkee advises we have to change our money mindset, reverse it by changing the way we think. And we change it by deciding to change our bad habits.

He adds, “You can save if you choose to save.” In short, gaya nga ng sabi nila: Pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw maraming pwedeng dahilan.

Of course I am not perfect too. I also need to break and change a lot of bad habits. Habits formed while growing up no longer serve me now that I’m a grown up and it seems like it’s making my life harder than it should.

It takes a lot of effort to be a better person when you know that you have a lot of detrimental habits you need to get rid of. Some habits are not even ours to begin with. We all have habits we got from our mom/dad, siblings, cousins, friends etc. It’s up to us to consciously keep doing the good ones and replace the bad ones with the good ones once we realize it’s not helping improve our lives at all.

If we don’t make money we won’t be able to save. In the first place, why do we work? To make money. When we make money where does it go? Do we spend everything? What do we do with our money? “Where did my money go???”

How do we make money without a job? We either still find someone to hire us or we create our own jobs. If we make our own money or if we have a job will we be able to save? Yes we should be able to. But what usually happens if we earn a lot of money and we don’t know how to save? We’d still always be in debt, we’d still be working until we’re old and can’t work anymore. Worst case scenario: we’d still be working until we die if we’re without any savings in our old age and then our surviving family members will need to pay for our hospital bills and burial costs.

Imagine how much the above bills  would be 30, 40, 50+ years from now? P500,000 to P1 million or more? Where will they get that kind of money? Or how will they survive if they are just like you who does not save any money? Would anybody want that scenario in their future?

Heck, now do you see the value of having insurance as a way to save, invest and earn yet? Why not let your money work for you too?

If you have the right and tailor-fit insurance plan, your family will be assured money to spend even if you or any family member with insurance dies. Your deaths will never be a burden to the people you leave behind. If you get disabled and can’t work at all in the future, you will also not be a burden to your family if you have chosen the right insurance. If you get really sick (like have cancer) it will not be too hard for you financially as well. No one knows when we will die or get into an accident right?

While alive, if you have an insurance plan, with mostly investments like stocks, mutual fund, real estate etc, it will let you save AND earn money securely by just putting enough money into the specified plan you signed up for either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly or in one lump sum amount. With this, you will definitely be able to save for your future expenses like when you retire and not worry about working after retirement. Even before retirement you can earn enough money to maybe buy a car or a condo depending on the money you invest and save over the years.

Am I painting a pretty picture now? Do you want to know how to start saving and investing? Well you can always Google it, but we all know self-studying takes a lot of time and discipline, some of which we don’t always have. What else can you do then? Contact an expert or someone with the knowledge and means to help you be financially secure in the future. Look for an accredited financial advisor like me. I am now working with Manulife, an established and stable insurance company that’s been around for more than 100 years. I’ve certainly learned a lot from the trainings and have taken the licensing exams and am still continuously learning everyday.

As a financial advisor, it is our job to assess your finances and help you save, manage and grow your money. You won’t need to do it all on your own because we also have fund managers who will assist you. So if you’re curious and want to finally have a financially better and secure future for yourself and your family then simply contact me today. Let’s meet and talk about it.

0932 1800 937 / 0917 768 8444
Lucia C. of Manulife
A Financial Advisor

Today, let’s stop self sabotage. Let’s change for the better and learn how to save/invest money in order to survive and have a happy life in our old age. What’s keeping us from having a financially secure future? It’s no one but ourselves. We think we can just save and use money forever but inflation and unexpected emergencies will always catch up to us.

Now is the perfect time to start saving and investing for our future. I can finally help people who also want to change their finances and save for themselves and their loved ones.

Let me know where and when you want to meet and talk about it. I’ll be happy to help you out. We can meet within Metro Manila, preferably Quezon City or Ortigas. If your group or family is outside of Metro Manila, we can arrange several meetings in your area on certain days. A one on one with you and/or your family members or relatives would be the best way to start securing your future finances.

Send me a text or call me today: 0932 1800 937 (Sun, Viber)
Globe: 0917 768 8444

Lucia C. of Manulife
A Financial Advisor

If you know or feel you need financial advise, let’s talk about it. I’m just a phone call (or text message) away. 🙂

Today is one of the best Saturdays of the year. Why? Because I finally saw Heneral Luna (FOR FREE!) and unexpectedly saw a certain male celebrity for the 3rd time! What are the odds huh?

Even if my newer smartphone was “dead” in my bag, at least I was able to take decent pics using my old phone!


Cinema ’76

Thanks to Cinema ’76 (in San Juan) for the free screening of Heneral Luna today. Best Philippine holiday event lang for me. haha~ Kahit na i hated seeing the English subs in a Filipino movie (wtf lang tlga mga ganun), pagbigyan na libre naman eh.

76 2

Comfy pillow and sofa seats.

Anyway, the movie did not disappoint. Kudos pa rin sa lahat ng gumawa ng sine na yun. It reinforced my hatred for what Aguinaldo did and fellow Pinoys who sold out our own country.

*Rant starts here*

Nakakagalit talaga yung sarili mong kababayan magbebenta sa sariling bayan para lang madali ang buhay nila. Mas gusto pa paalipin kesa paghirapan ayusin ang sariling buhay at ekonomiya? Ano yun di ba? Mga taong walang tunay na pagmamahal sa sariling bayan!

Yung maiisip mo, sakaling totoo ang takbo ng kwento ng sine, bakit ang tanga at duwag ni Aguinaldo, di pa tinanggap yung resignation ni Luna. Di naman pala niya kayang suportahan ang pinakamagaling niyang Heneral pero gusto niyang siya ang mamuno at lumaban para sa bayan. Mga tanga.

Tapos ngayon isipin mo, may mga tao gusto Federalismo daw. Aba bakit di na lang monarkiya ang gawin sa Pilipinas kung gustong magkaron ng disiplina at pagmamahal sa bayan ang mga tao? Gusto niyong maging regionalistic? Gusto niyong humiwalay sa Pilipinas? Asan ang pagka-Pilipino niyo?  Punyeta nakakagalit lang eh. E yung gusto niyong ibenta kayo sa China ng walang kamalay-malay? Tingnan naten ano mangyari pag gusto niyo ng martial law ulet o ng anak ng diktador.

Ang problema kase yung mga hindi masa at edukado hindi bumoboto (o hindi makakaboto) tapos pagrereklamo at paninisi lang din alam. Ganda di ba?

Jusko iligtas niyo kami sa masama Lord!!! Utang na loob baket ang eleksyon ngayon parang matindi at mainit?!?

*Rant ends here*

In other news, nakita ko na naman si Mr. Epy Quizon di ko alam andun pala sha. Baket di ba? Akala ko si Mr. John Arcilla lang andun e panel pala sila. 3rd time na talaga ‘to.

Does this mean anything? Am I missing something here? 1st unexpected sighting was in 2013 (theater forum), 2nd in 2015 (extra sa TV episode ng Imbestigador) and 3rd is today (free movie screening). O di ba? Sosyal. Hahaha~

There must be some opportunity I am not taking here but I don’t know exactly what it is/was. Earlier, I could have talked to Mr. E.A. Rocha (movie producer) or Epy or even Mr. Leo Martinez after the panel Q&A (after the movie screening). An autograph signing and photo op session happened next kaso umuwi na ako.

Madali lang sila siguro makausap because it’s a small venue and close quarters lang. Why not talk to anyone of them right? Easy peasy yun as in. Kaso after the movie, I didn’t want to have their autograph or get a photo op… (Already have an unglamorous pic w/ Epy haller tenkyuberimats).

I guess I didn’t have something ready to talk to them about? Ni hindi nga ako nagtanong sa Q&A even though I felt like I should have asked something political but my tired and sleepy brain couldn’t come up with a good question. Boom panes lang. Tsaka ano na, yung travel TV show plan ko mangyayari pa ba? (Hahaha ewan ko lang, saya lang ng buhay ko eh. Whatever.)

Galing kase ako sa night shift work then I went to the venue after I ate “breakfast”. All I could do was react to anything that happened in the cinema and nothing else. I actually wanted to go home immediately after the movie but stayed on for the Q&A because nobody was leaving! 😛

Ok lang naman, forum session was fun. Also at least nakita kong the movie really serves its purpose of awakening blind and sleeping Filipinos (if not all). Thank God for the movie talaga.

So how about you? How are you spending your Saturday holiday? 🙂

When you’re sick, you have to give yourself time to rest. You don’t get sick because you’re perfectly fine and healthy and at your best to do all the office work that needs to be done. There will always be sick days. But if your sick days are spent at the office and spreading the virus/sickness around well there’s something wrong with this picture.

I’ve been in the BPO industry for 6 years and worked at different companies but it’s always the same. Anyone from the management, particularly your immediate supervisor, will always ask you to come to work, or take a half day, even if you are genuinely sick.They will compare you to other people or themselves who are sick with fever, flu, diarrhea etc., but are still at work (because they took medication) and make you feel guilty for resting when you need it.

As a seasoned agent, on many occasions during the above period, when I got sick with – flu, fever, coughs and colds, hoarseness, you name it – I still went to work. Not because I’m a workaholic or didn’t give a crap about my and anyone else’s health but because you as an agent are expected to be there even if you’re sick. Of course it is always your choice to come in sick though. You can choose to stay at home and rest all day (or several days) then get a medical certificate once you’re back but see, generally, you’ll still look like a liar and a slacker to the management and other colleagues when you do that.

Such is the life of a call center agent. And people wonder why an outbreak of flu or cough and colds etc., happens all the time in any call center, with more people calling in sick and thus increasing the absenteeism rate further. I can add some more examples but hey I won’t bother now. I’ll just say this instead: BPO life can be harsh to sick people.

Today though, none of that matters to me. I am at home and my next job doesn’t start in a week or two so I can sleep and lounge and be sick at home as much as I want. Thank God eh? Even though I want to work on my temporary tattoo ideas I will not force myself to do so. Rest is rest. Health is wealth. Goodbye to working even when I’m sick. Hahaha~ Itaga mo sa bato.

Wow, this is what conversations with my mom over the phone did today – I just realized I’ve been living mostly on my own since college and I don’t regret it one bit. She on the other hand had planned to “wean me off her” when there was actually no need for it back then. Why? Because I was happy to finally be on my own, doing my own thing and all that jazz, living in a secured dorm and doing that bedspace thing. (Thanks grandma!)

Would have been happier if I didn’t have to commute from Taft, Manila to Proj 2-3, QC for 3 years to live/stay with relatives every weekend until I graduated. Psh. Probably would have had a livelier and wilder life eh? Or maybe not.

Oh and I remember the dorm curfew, mygads… hahaha~ I actually feel sorry for waking up the manong guards all those nights but hey I was such a diligent student. XD Staying up late for projects in computer shops? Playing online games, creating artworks and/or doing reports and such until ungodly hours? Uhmhm… that’s me. I actually loved every second of it except for the homework deadlines and all the stress during baby thesis and thesis proper.

Woooh~ baby thesis feels reminds me of the new KDrama I just started watching last night – Cheese in the Trap. Always the leader who almost wants to do everything by herself to get the best grades. Hwaw. But of course I did delegate and yet in the back of my young mind, I judged.

Yes I know exactly how the female protagonist felt when you do your very best, being the perfectionist much back then, only to fail the entire group. Boom panes and uber sakit moment yun, as in, pramis. 😛 Oh well, I’ve learned a lot since then.

Anyway after college I did live with my bros and a “sis-in-law” for 2 yrs, I think, before being TOTALLY on my own (THANK GOD). 2009 – 2013 was the best years of my life as far as I can remember. Too bad I had to stop living on my own after mid-2013 due to mom’s hospital adventure. 😀

This year though I plan on living independently again. Utang na loob pls lang Lord. I will be moving out soon and totally do as I please, thank you very much. Bwahahaha. This should be fun. I can’t wait to be on my own again. Woohooo!

In other news, I’m into temporary tattoos now. Back to my art roots, hurrah! Finally came up with a new product to produce and sell! I’ll be releasing my wearable skin art designs for summer 2016 in a few. Oh yeah! Coming real soon! Abangan! 😀

New FB page in the works too, or not if I change my mind. But do check out and follow my Instagram art page for updates: Yay! So exciting!


Indeed, the so-called muse is real. Usually a muse is depicted as female, but apparently they can also be male.

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a muse “is a source of inspiration; especially :  a guiding genius.”
In Greek mythology, “it is any of the nine sister goddesses presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences.”

And I have met a male muse. I have never thought it possible to have someone inspire you consciously (or more likely, unconsciously!!!) just by being around them or just even thinking about them! It kind of makes me crazy until I let it out through some form of art or literature! Good God. Who knew someone could actually be the personification of inspiration?

Inspiration, or whatever else it is, through him is like an irritant if it isn’t let out. It burns in my head then at worst it goes down to my heart. Wow. The only way to keep one’s sanity is to let it out through any form of art or literature, like literally. (Yeah and I had to repeat that statement, lol.)

I have never questioned my sanity until now. And that burning curiosity as to why it happens prompted  me to search for answers on the internet because it just made no sense. How can someone affect your sanity so much? This does not seem to be love. It might be infatuation, but seriously/honestly, no one else has this effect on me, so why?

My search brought me to a particular blog that gave me the answer. It then brought me to an inspiring Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. She says there are those that claim inspiration comes from other beings. I guess that is true. It used to happen when inspiration strikes, I have to write it down or draw/sketch/doodle it out immediately or all will be lost no matter how hard I try. If I was too late, it would be like trying to catch a dream already fading away. That sucks when it happens. If you have a muse though everything is different.

Having a muse just lets your creativity out with no cap on it unless you move away. Simply moving or staying away from the person can keep you from being overwhelmed. Just thinking about them can still actually inspire you unconsciously! What is that, right?!

So the question now is how to control it when it happens. Okay control is kind of a negative word, so maybe moderate it. And now that I’ve realized this I guess it’s not a bad thing hanging out with your muse, unless you let yourself go insane from sticking around them too much. Craving for inspiration like it’s a drug though is something else.

Anyway, I wonder if you tell your muse about it, would that dispel the magic? Or would it not?

On a side note, maybe this is just searching for meaning or pragmatics, which is part of semiotics, my word of the day. 🙂

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